How to contact Silicon Canals?

How to contact Silicon Canals?

Silicon Canals is a platform for startups on the canals of Amsterdam –  or those beyond in the Netherlands (sometimes even the Benelux). What does this entail? We write about the groundbreaking Dutch startups, the (thriving) startup ecosystem, venture capital funds, incubators and accelerators. But we are also focused on governement inititiatives like StartupDelta, news from venture capital funds and service providers enabling startups to scale faster or smarter. Basically, we want to know what’s going on on the silicon canals. Our primary area of reporting is Amsterdam, but let’s hear what Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht or the rest of the Netherlands has to say. Foreigners reading this: never call us Holland. Thank you.

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View of an Amsterdam canal image by Shutterstock (close to our office)

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