Partner with Silicon Canals

Partner with Silicon Canals

Are you able to advertise on Sure you are! Of course, you can buy ad space with banners. But what we really like to do, is offer you the opportunity to bring your company to the attention of our readership. Our audience consists of people working on their own startup, people working at startups, and other people who want to read about startups.

Native content

We offer you the option to advertise through native content. Native what? Native content. This is what we call articles which are written in the same tone of voice as Silicon Canals (and by the same editors as well), but which have been paid for by a business party. We call this promoted content by the way. Because we promote the content, via our newsletter, via social media or through our website.

For who?

What type of companies would this be suitable for? You name it: large international tech companies catering to startups, event organisers, corporate accelerators, or any type of service provider that offers services to startups. Anything is possible, but we do hold the right to refuse content which we consider not relevant to our target audience. Because that’s what it’s all about for us: content aimed at our target audience of startups and startup founders.

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If we have your attention, we would love to make you a proposition or send you a quote. Just contact us at or through the below form. Silicon Canals is also open to long-term sponsor-agreements.

Feel free to call our sales hotline as well 😉 +31 (0)20-893 2208


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