Apply now for Rockstart’s 2017 Smart Energy Program

Apply now for Rockstart’s 2017 Smart Energy Program

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While applications for Rockstart’s Web & Mobile Program have only recently closed, the influential accelerator has already opened up applications for its 2017 Smart Energy Program. Specifically Rockstart is looking for startups that focus on microgrid autonomy, data intelligence & security or game changing business models. If your startup ticks one or more of these boxes then please read on!

Focus on three main categories

Rockstart’s 2017 Smart Energy program will kick off in April and will run for 150 days. Program director Freerk Bisschop invites startups from all over the globe to try their luck and apply: “We’re looking for startups not just from within Europe, but also from emerging markets across Africa, Latin America and Asia”. He explains his motivation for the focus on the three categories of microgrid autonomy, data intelligence & security and game changing business models in further detail in this blog.

Why Apply?

According to Bisschop, participating in the Smart Energy Program means that in 150 days you will do what otherwise would take you at least two years. Yes it will be one stressful pressure cooker for five months, but you will learn a lot of essentials, get access to a huge network, and save your company a lot of time in preparing to become scalable. Still umming and ahhing whether to apply or not? Then have a look at the below promovideo featuring testimonials from two 2016 alumni, Stefano De Masi from Geolumen and Simon Bushell from Sympower.

Open for Office Hours

Of course you can also attend one of Rockstart’s Office Hours to ask Freerk Bisschop in person everything you always wanted to know about Rockstart’s 2017 Smart Energy Program but were too afraid to ask. You can sign up for office hours on Thursday the 9th of February from 1pm to 2pm, or on Monday the 13th of February from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. The last day on which you can apply is Thursday the 17th of February. Good luck!

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