launches job platform that uses AI techniques to pair up job-seekers and employers launches job platform that uses AI techniques to pair up job-seekers and employers

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Brussels-based, a one-stop-shop for Belgian tech entrepreneurs to get an access to investors, customers and experts, has launched a job platform which uses ‘natural language processing’ to link job seekers and startups looking for talent. As opposed to traditional ‘keyword’ based platforms,’s job platform reads between the lines as it takes more data inputs (such as resume, work experience, the type of previous positions, skills, education) to come-up with the best match for the job seeker. 

What the platform does is it makes a profile called ‘DNA’ of the applicant and then pair it up with the potential employer’s ‘DNA’ profile. didn’t explain what makes-up the ‘DNA’ profile of an applicant. It appears to be used for some ‘intelligent matching’ with the talent seekers. Its mobile recruitment feature allows a job-seeker to send a text message with some of your resume information and the service matches you to relevant jobs. The platform supports voice commands as well.

“If someone says something in French, that skill is immediately added to his or her DNA on the platform. When you say you are a marketing manager, information about that position is added automatically, you no longer have to explain everything,” explains COO Jan Bormans of

Free for job seekers but not for advertisers

The advertising companies are currently using the platform for free but they’ll have to pay 99 euros per job per month, and 699 euros for ten jobs throughout a whole year once the paid plans are implemented after’s annual job Antwerp Startup Fair on April 18.

Use of AI in the recruitment industry

AI-based recruitment tools are on the rise with an increased flow of funding for startups disrupting the recruitment industry. Though LinkedIn is still considered the ‘gold standard’ for recruiters trying to find talent, there are smaller startups in Europe, the US, and Israel that have started attacking the 800-pound gorilla (LinkedIn) that defines online recruitment.

Some of the other startups using natural language processing and other AI techniques to tackle recruitment challenges include: A service using AI to suggest best-fit employees

Hirevue: AI-based video interviewing software

Hiring Solved: An experimental AI interface that operates as a bot to assist in the recruitment process’s target market serves startups, corporate sector, and public sector by providing different services matching each one’s needs. For startups, access to capital, partners, and experts is an invaluable resource. And for bigger companies whether operating in the private or public sector, access to technology and innovation of these startups helps them incorporate new talent and technologies.

It also partners with other leading organizations and tech companies to offer assistance to technology entrepreneurs and startups. Back in 2016, it partnered with EYnovation, EY’s program in collaboration with to help Belgian entrepreneurs access to EY’s international network for funding and business partnerships.

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