Here’s why you should attend SAP Startup Forum in Amsterdam #mediapartner

Here’s why you should attend SAP Startup Forum in Amsterdam #mediapartner

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Aspiring startups in the big data and analytics should attend the SAP Startup Forum on May 27th in Amsterdam. It’s a great opportunity to pitch ideas to VCs, enterprise customers, accelerators and SAP executives, but also to learn from professionals and other successful entrepreneurs. And did we mention tickets are free? Well, they are.

Learn, connect, pitch

The program of the SAP Startup Forum consists of a founders’ panel from who you can learn about the challenges and successes from members of SAP Startup Focus. You get practical information about startup-challenges from successful entrepreneurs who’ve been there and done that. To top it off, media-professionals – amongst them Remco Janssen and Adine Rooyackers from this very website – will share their views on how to get your company noticed by the right people in the media. There’ll be a technical introduction to SAP HANA as well, so you know what you’re getting into before you pitch your business to VC’s and SAP executives. SAP Startup Forum ends with a networking reception where you can connect, meet up and have a few beers.

From Forum to Focus

Attending the SAP Startup Forum could very well be the start of a journey through the SAP Startup Focus initiative, a global program helping promising big data and analytics-startups. Over the last three years, SAP Startup Focus has engaged with more than 2.000 innovative startups and brought 175 of their validated solutions to market. In the 12-month global program big data and analytics-startups are supported to develop new applications on their database management system SAP HANA.


The program gives startups access to the SAP HANA technology platform and offers support from experts on a technical level, as well in marketing and sales. The program can also bring you into contact with a broad network of potential customers and potentially interested investors via the HANA Real Time Fund and SAP Ventures.

Free tickets, register here

Even without joining the program, attending #SFPforum is a great way to learn, pitch and connect. The SAP Startup Forum in Amsterdam takes place on Wednesday 27th of May at startup accelerator Rockstart’s infamous Ballroom, Herengracht 182 in the city center. Registration opens up at 2.30 pm, the event ends at around 8.00 pm. If you’re interested – and you should be – then you can register through this link.

Silicon Canals is mediapartner of SAP Startup Forum.

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