Startup Events for the Week of December 1st – December 8th

Startup Events for the Week of December 1st – December 8th

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Are you tired of sitting in your office, or do you need some new inspiration for your startup? Joining events can be a way to learn new skills, and to expand your network. We selected a few startup related events in & around Amsterdam for you where you can hack your ideas and gather some business cards. So get out there, it is time to move your ass!

Thurs Dec. 1: Hackers & Founders (Amsterdam, NL) Meetup

The original Hackers and Founders started in Silicon Valley, but you don’t have to travel all the way to San Francisco to get a piece of the pie. Hackers & Founders Amsterdam meet every month in Café the Doffer in Amsterdam. While enjoying a drink you can listen to Dougal Featherstone, Thea Nygard and Patrick Schuur, who tell you all about their experiences and thoughts of the future of the tech in business.

Thursday December19:00 at Cafe De Doffer, Amsterdam. Entrance is free! Register here

Fri Dec. 2: Hack Your Darling

When your ideas are floating around in your head but you do not have much on paper yet, this one-day program may be something for you. The UtrechtInc Garage’s pre-incubation program offers future entrepreneurs a chance to transform their ‘darlings’ (innovative ideas) into concrete plans. Creative coaches of ProtoSpace and UtrechtInc will accelerate ideas and help you out. The program contains: Rapid prototyping, creating business model canvas, hands on experience with 3D printing, designing or laser cutting – and meeting new and energetic people of course.

Friday December10:00 at the Utrecht Inc Garage, Utrecht. Costs are 45. Register here

Mon Dec. 5: What’s hub: Free Tour

Instead of sitting with the family and reading out loud some embarrassing Sinterklaas poems , you can also take a peek on what is going on in the Impact Hub in Amsterdam. This free tour offers you a chance to experience of what it likes to be part of the Impact community: the social and global community of 16,000+ social entrepreneurs. Curious? Why not give it a shot.

 December17:00 at  Impact Hub Amsterdam. Entrance is free! Register here

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