7 Dutch tech startups shaking up the housing market in the Netherlands

7 Dutch tech startups shaking up the housing market in the Netherlands

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Closed bidding is a major frustration faced by the prospective home buyers as it doesn’t give clarity regarding other bids. It also becomes a daily task to contact the real estate agents who have trouble in informing all the candidates about the progress. But these problems can be resolved with the help of an innovative tool launched by a Dutch startup. This tool paves the way for the open bids and keeps the interested parties informed about their bid automatically.

Founded earlier this year by Marnix Hoebert and Michiel Esveld, TheNextBid aims to bring about transparency in the real estate industry by giving the buyers an insight into the bids and market conditions. With time, this technology implemented by the startup should improve the supply and demand of new homes contributing to a better project development in the real estate market.

Real estate agents in Amsterdam and Almere pioneering with the open bidding tool launched by TheNextBid. Two real estate agents including Reinier van Westrhenen, owner of Van Westrhenen Makelaardij now work with TheNextBid’s tool and they state, “The balance of supply and demand in the housing market is constantly growing into a surplus of potential buyers. We want to give everyone a fair chance by making the purchase process transparent. TheNextBid’s tool offers the solution and is easy to activate from our system. Open bidding can prevent a lot of frustration among potential buyers. The seller also has a clear overview and can choose the bid that suits him or her best. This does not always have to be the highest bid.”

Here, we have listed 6 Dutch tech startups that have revolutionsed the way the housing market works right now. Do give it a read!

#1 TheNextBid

First on the list is TheNextBid, which uses artificial intelligence to bring more transparency in the housing market. It makes bidding more visible, which will lead to the improvement of the real estate sector. With its innovative tool, potential home buyers not only get an insight into the bidding process but also gain more control over the same. As a result, the trust in the agent increases and there is a better housing supply.

#2 Jungo 

The Dutch fintech startup Jungo is a crowd-mortgage lender founded by Vincent van den Noort and Jasper Laagland in 2015. The crowdfunding mortgage platform of Jungo lets anyone turn into a crowd investor in mortgages and earn up to 2.8% returns per year for eight years. After having its stakes acquired by Aegon, this startup recently completed its first crowdfunding mortgage helping a couple in Leiden purchase their dream home via crowdfunding mortgage. It has received Series A funding from Aegon but the exact amount of investment remains unknown.

#3 DatHuis 

Founded in 2015 by Joel Konijn and Philipp Beauin, DatHuis provides an insight into the services and quality of the real estate agents and brokers. It was launched with the intention to make brokerage more transparent. There are hundreds of thousands of brokers in the Netherlands making it exasperating to find the best agent to sell your house. As only the best broker can assure the best possible transaction price, DatHuis gives its customers an insight to find out the best broker.

#4 Funda 


Funda is a real estate classifieds platform of brokers for the entrepreneurs and consumers founded back in 2001. From a small website, it progressed into a commonplace. It leads in its category with the implementation of the latest applications that help in searching and finding real estate. It understands the requirement of internet users and offers the smartest options for the advertisers and brokers thereby letting it achieve the best results.

#5 ScanMovers

ScanMovers is an online and mobile platform that lets movers, consumers and companies quickly compare and select the best deal when it comes to professional moving services. It works with hundreds of high-quality movers that place bids via a closed bidding system. This platform provides a price transparency and aims to deliver the best moving experience. Founded in 2016 by Boyan Nijpels and Maurits Koopman, ScanMovers has received Angel funding of €500k last year.

#6 Jumba

Jumba founded in 2015 by Kees Haverkamp, Sander van der Aa and Floor Van de Merbel is a social real estate platform that lets people search, express interest, bid, purchase and rent properties. This Rotterdam startup received a Seed funding from Aegon but the amount remains unknown.

#7 Bylder 

Bylder is a startup with an in-depth knowledge about all the challenges involved in home renovation. It connects with the best professionals in order to bring houses to top condition. Bylder is a workflow management system letting users create renovations or projects, determine tasks and book the best professionals. The website also has a webshop to buy materials across categories.

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