8 terrific European Blockchain startups that got funded recently

8 terrific European Blockchain startups that got funded recently

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Blockchain is one of the most talked about topics, lately. Though it started with a high note in 2018, but it collapsed in the middle of the year. Especially, when it comes to the tech industry, these fluctuations are common, as the blockchain technology is in the nascent stage. There is still a lot of experimentation and learning needed to thrive in the blockchain ecosystem to improvise it.

Despite the fluctuations in the blockchain industry, several companies have implemented the technology, which is changing at a rapid pace. Especially, the European market is taking some serious steps to implement blockchain tech. Today, we have listed eight such European blockchain startups that have taken their first steps in this industry.

#1 Coinhouse

Founder: Nicolas Louvet
Founded: 2014
Location: Paris

Coinhouse formerly La Maison du Bitcoin is one of the pioneers in the field of crypto assets investments. Be it online or offline locations, it is the trusted partner for several individuals as well as institutional investors who are into analysing, acquiring, selling and securely storing crypto assets. As of now, the startup serves over 100,000 users in Europe. Coinhouse raised €2.4 million in January 2019 from XAnge, ConsenSys Ventures, Digital Currency Group and BTU Protocol.

#2 Verv

Founder: Peter Davies
Founded: 2009
Location: UK

Verv offers users an insight into their household electricity consumption by displaying the real-time consumption and cost for each of their major appliances. This information will be displayed via a smartphone app along with personalised insights. Also, this startup incorporates blockchain technology to provide affordable access to low carbon energy for users without solar. It helps in reducing electricity usage, minimising the carbon footprint and bringing down electricity bills. It has raised €2.5 million funding from Crowdcube and £500k from Innogy IME.

#3 Authenteq

Founders: Adam H. Martin, Kari Thor Runarsson, Runar Karlsson
Founded: 2015
Location: Iceland

Authenteq is an automated identity verification platform that lets users verify their identity as well as create sovereign digital IDs. These will be encrypted and stored in a blockchain so that the personal details are private and secure and not accessible by anyone including those at the startup. With its blockchain-encrypted digital IDs, the verification processes can be done instantly. The AI-driven platform automatically distinguishes between a robotic fraudster and a live human being. This startup raised €5.8 million from Draper Associates, capital300, Horizon 2020 SME instrument and Cavalry Ventures.

#4 Bitwala

Founders: Jörg von Minckwitz, Jan Goslicki, Benjamin P. Jones
Founded: 2015
Location: Berlin

German blockchain banking startup, Bitwala aims to empower people to exchange value similar to how they exchange ideas. It aims to provide the same instantly across the globe at the lowest cost. It offers a bank account connected to crypto. You can manage everyday banking, trade cryptocurrencies and also store bitcoins using the same account. This blockchain banking service has secured €6.4 million from Horizon 2020 SME instrument, Earlybird Venture Capital, Coparion, High-Tech Gründerfonds and Digital Currency Group.


#5 VAKT holdings

Founder: John Jimenez
Founded: 2018
Location: UK

VAKT is a digital ecosystem that leverages blockchain technologies for physical post-trade processing. It eliminates reconciliation and paper-based processes, creates new trade opportunities and enhances efficiency. It operates with an aim to transform the trade lifecycle completely. The company recently raised $5.5 million by Reliance. The other investors interested in this blockchain startup are Total and Chevron.

#6 Bitfury

Founder: Valery Vavilov
Founded: 2011
Location: Amsterdam

Bitfury is touted to be the world’s largest full-service blockchain technology company. They develop and deliver cutting-edge hardware and software solutions needed for organizations, governments, businesses and individuals to secure more assets via blockchain. It is backed blockchain projects such as Exonum and LightningPeach. So far, this startup has raised $155 million from numerous investors.

#7 Tykn

Founders: Jimmy J.P. Snoek, Khalid Maliki, Tey El-Rjula
Founded: 2016
Location: The Netherlands

Tykn based in the Netherlands uses blockchain-based identification tools that will empower NGOs and governments. The startup builds and designs systems that are used for registration and verification. Due to the incorporation of the blockchain, the risks related to verification are reduced drastically. This startup focuses on a social cause as it helps refugees get a digital identity.

#8 Neufund

Founders: Marcin Rudolf, Zoe Adamovicz
Founded: 2016
Location: Berlin

Berlin-based Neufund offers an end-to-end solution for asset tokenisation and issuance. The first application of the company is Equity Tokens that enables companies to conduct regulated offerings on the blockchain. It aims with the mission to enable ownership for all by making ownership more transparent, efficient and accessible. The startup raised €12 million from Klaas Kersting, Atlantic Labs, Michael Jackson, Atlantic Labs, Max Kordek and Fabian Vogelsteller.

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