Dutch startup launches Facebook rival Openbook: 5 ways it can be a big threat

Dutch startup launches Facebook rival Openbook: 5 ways it can be a big threat

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Almost everyone today is dependent on some or the other social network. Though social networks have their own merits, your privacy is definitely at stake. Fret not as a new privacy-oriented social network is here to wipe away your privacy concerns.

The latest entrant in the social network market segment is Openbook, a Facebook rival based in The Netherlands. Openbook has been launched as a Kickstarter campaign and aims to raise €100K in a month’s time.

Founded in April 2018, Openbook is an open-source and privacy-friendly social network contributing 30% of its revenue to improvise the experience.

Today, we will take a look at the unique features and highlights of Openbook, the privacy-friendly social network available as a Kickstarter campaign until August 15, 2018.

#1 Zero-tracking

The USP of Openbook is its privacy-friendly nature. This is the major difference that distinguishes this social network from the rest. It is touted that Openbook will neither track what you do nor any of your data for any purpose. The social network is completely transparent about this making it trustworthy. As the code is open-source, it is free for anyone to see what they do.

#2 Simple to migrate

Openbook isn’t the first privacy-friendly social network. We have already seen similar social networks such as Diaspora, Mastodon and Friendica launched with the same claim. However, these platforms failed as the contacts of users didn’t use the services.

To address this pain point, Openbook makes it easy for users of other social networks to migrate to its service. You can simply drag and drop your old social media archive into Openbook to import your data such as chats, photos, videos and more.

#3 Openbook isn’t addictive

Unlike the other social networks, Openbook isn’t addictive. This social network will reduce the number of notifications that you receive unlike Facebook. With fewer notifications, you will definitely stay away from sticking on to this social network for long.

#4 A secure social network

Openbook follows a tough and strict security policy. This ensures that your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. So, there’s no necessity of end-to-end encryption with this platform anymore. Eventually, this platform lets you share your data without any security concerns.

#5 Says no to ads

This platform focuses on building a better social network than the existing ones in all the aspects such as privacy, security and user experience. Those behind Openbook intend to create a way for transactions between the users. Later, the platform will be used to create a marketplace for products and services. The team behind Openbook claims that this social network will never focus on advertisement to generate revenue.

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