German video recruitment startup JobUFO secures €2 million in seed funding to re-invent job application procedure

German video recruitment startup JobUFO secures €2 million in seed funding to re-invent job application procedure

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Digitisation is happening! And the concept of video application is booming!

JobUFO, a Berlin-based SaaS solution which allows applicants to give a real first impression of themselves has raised a €2 million in seed funding led by IBB and Hevella Capital. The company is planning to use this fund for further growth.

Video application is the future

The company employs a solution in the form of personalised video applications to simplify the application process and optimise communication between applicant and employer. With this innovative concept, it eases job seekers and also offers companies unique opportunities to connect with talent. With that being said, the application form from JobUFO can be embedded anywhere online including the company’s career page or job as well.

An idea born out of video technology in smartphones

According to Thomas Paucker, co-founder of JobUFO, the idea took off as video technology on smartphones continued to evolve and learned that young people use video in their daily communications very often.

Available on both mobile app or web-version, this app enables the applicants to quickly create a DIN-correct CV in combination with a guided video of up to thirty seconds. Further, the applications created through JobUFO are pushed directly into a company’s application tracking system through the JobUFO API.

Young people between 14-25 yr use more

The app is primarily used by young people between 14-25 years, who are looking for an apprenticeship, a part-time job, an internship or a dual course of study. It also provides a way to integrate refugees into the labour market and to create a form of application which demonstrates language skills, is completely mobile available and helps to reduce prejudice.

Secure environment is the key!

In cooperation with large companies such as Deutsche Bahn, REWE and Allianz, the company have created a secure environment that allows students to test themselves out and maintain full control over their own data.

Since its inception, the company has grown its base over to 30 well-known companies in Germany including Deutsche Bahn, Edeka, Evonik, Hertz, and Ikea. In 2018 alone, over 60,000 applications have been generated as well. Right now, the company is a part of Microsoft Accelerator in Berlin and working towards developing JobUFO.

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