Groningen-based digital receipt startup Klippa raises €250,000 funding, plans expansion in Poland and Switzerland

Groningen-based digital receipt startup Klippa raises €250,000 funding, plans expansion in Poland and Switzerland

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Every business will have tonnes of receipts, invoices and permit vouchers that have to be documented to keep track of the expenses. No matter how efficient you might be in maintaining the paperwork, it isn’t always easy to have a flurry of slips and receipts stacked into file folders.

Living in a digital age, it is advisable that you store the receipts digitally as it is easier to manage the reports. More than managing, you can easily find the receipt or invoice you need in seconds just by carrying out a simple search.

Digital receipt platform Klippa aims to make a difference here by letting you store all the receipts and expenses in an orderly manner. It is a plug-and-play digital receipt platform that stores all your receipts in the cloud. You can share the vouchers or statistics with others, export the coupons and process invoices easily and automatically with this platform.

€250,000 funding

Founded in 2015, the Groningen startup recently has raised €250,000 in the second investment round. The investment has come from the Randstad. Notably, the new investors of Klippa are behind initiatives such as Scoupy and Short Stay Group.

Yeelen Knegtering, co-founder and CEO of the digital receipt platform states, “Obtaining investments in a financial sense is of course important to grow, but what’s more to your experience and business contacts. They can also protect you against many mistakes made by entrepreneurs.”

Why use Klippa?

Klippa is a seamless digital receipt scanner app that gives you an insight of your expenses right on your smartphone’s screen. You just have to start scanning the receipts using the Klippa app on the Android or iOS platforms. It will store all the receipts in the cloud and you can access them at any time from any device. What’s even more interesting is that the app lets you import your spending using tools such as Dropbox or Gmail.

Once you are charged at a store or a digital receipt is created, it will automatically reflect in your bank’s transaction window instantly.

The company claims that with this app you will never lose another receipt ever again. If you still like to maintain the paperwork, there’s no harm in having them rested in file folders in your workplace.

Expansion plans on tow

After having raised the second round of investment, the Series A funding is in plans. For now, Klippa plans to expand its footprint in Poland and Switzerland. The startup is in talks with parties in these countries and it will take the platform out of the Netherlands.

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