Growth Tribe opens academies in Sweden, Finland and Denmark: 5 things to know about the Amsterdam-based scaleup

Growth Tribe opens academies in Sweden, Finland and Denmark: 5 things to know about the Amsterdam-based scaleup

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As per industry experts, Europe has been trailing behind the US and China in terms of digital leadership for a long time now. In order to bridge the gap in digital skills, Growth Tribe, a European training academy is committed to offer hands-on and practical training to professionals and students at a faster time.

Taking its commitment to the next level, the Dutch scaleup has opened three new academies in Sweden, Denmark and Finland recently.

Founded in 2015, Growth Tribe Academy is the first Growing Hacking Academy in Europe. It is backed by Universities of Amsterdam, Facebook, Catawiki, Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship and Peak Capital.

Peter van Sabben, CEO of Growth Tribe says, “Just like code has developed ‘continuous deployment’, we have created ‘continuous curriculum deployment. We developed a course that is mix of project-based assignments and skill-oriented content. Three teachers are constantly in the classroom facilitating and educating 25 students. This is how we set the bar for modern education.”

He further adds, “We are ready to start spreading the latest digital skills in Europe. Educating people about digital innovations and AI is crucial if we want to catch up with China and the US.”

#1 Variety of courses!

The scaleup delivers courses in Growth Hacking and Artificial Intelligence for Growth and Marketing. It helps companies create growth engines, train growth hackers and conduct growth hacking workshops. It has a collective team of experienced growth hackers, data scientists, traction experts and lean marketers.

#2 Expanding to Finland, Denmark and Sweden

As per the latest announcement, the Dutch education company will open three new academies in Europe by extending its presence to Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Further, the company is in a plan to expand its presence to 7 European countries in the next two years. Growth Tribe considers this expansion a necessity to compete with US and China in terms of tech knowledge, digital innovation and digital leadership.

#3 Trained over 700 companies and 4000 people

In just three years of its commencement, Growth Tribe has trained over 700 companies and 4000 people in their campus in Amsterdam and London Academy. They follow content and formats of international standard used by talent all over the world.

#4 Hands-on and practical training

Furthermore, Growth Tribe designed a new hands-on and practical form of education to help people in the workforce acquire specific digital skills rapidly. This will allow them as well as the companies grow faster. The practical training will keep the students engaged all through the training. It is touted that the students can learn in record times never seen before.

#5 Sets itself different

While the universities build a curriculum that is revised every 3 to 4 years and online courses build a curriculum that is updated on a yearly basis, Growth Tribe sets itself different. Also, the training offered by this academy is updated every two weeks to keep their curriculum updated with the new trends.

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