Pimmr makes eating out with friends a lot easier

Pimmr makes eating out with friends a lot easier

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If you’re going out for dinner, chances are you’re probably going to a place you’ve gone before. Pimmr wants to change that. With the use of data analysis and AI, the app suggest new restaurants for you to try based on your preferences, with the possibility of checking the menu and booking a table directly. This week, the app added the long awaited group functionality.


Every food-related startup loves to emphasize the difficulties and problems that surrounds eating dinner or picking a proper restaurant. Pimmr is no different, but with the latest group functionality update, the app actually makes picking a suitable restaurant for a diverse group of people a lot more hassle-free.


Self learning

Based on your location, search queries, wishes, habits and ratings of visited restaurants, Pimmr suggest a suitable nearby restaurant that you didn’t try before. The self learning uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to figure out its user’s preference: i.e. the more you use Pimmr, the better the recommendations become. You can check the menu or book a table directly in the app.


Friends profiles

With the adding of group functionality, it’s now possible to add your friends profiles while searching for a place to eat. “Pimmr was born from our own frustrations,” co-founder Paul Bongers explains: “There are many apps that helps you pick out a restaurant, but not one takes into account the company you’re with.”

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