These PortXL startups are going to be big in 2017

These PortXL startups are going to be big in 2017

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This week, Rotterdam-based PortXL selected eleven international startups out of twenty for their 2017 World Port accelerator program – the only port-related start-up program in the world. During four selection Days, the twenty startups were extensively questioned on topics such as team, technology, market potential, finance and business development by more than 180 mentors as well port and innovation experts. After the one hundred day accelerator program. the startups will present themselves and their achievements at PortXL Shakedown on the 22th of June.


Since 2015, PortXL searches around the globe for start-ups in the sectors Transport & Logistics, Energy, Chemical & Refining and Maritime. “Changes in the dynamics of our markets means that it is constantly necessary to develop new business models to increase the performance of our current activities,” says Paul Verheul, COO of Van Oord. “Gaining insight in new technologies and inspiring our employees to apply these technologies is what PortXL makes possible for our company. It is crucial for the future of our company and our maritime industry in the Netherlands.”


Now, startups 4ShippingGreen Sea GuardSagar DefenceFeo ARMedAssist.OnlineAlterActMcNetiqLiquidGoldRadiant Fleet and DeepSix will get access to the network and knowledge of a wide variety of companies in the Port of Rotterdam. PortXL also offers office space at the ECE campus, test facilities at RDM and all the knowledge of the Rotterdam Port Authority. A team of specialists from EY, Rotterdam Port Fund, Rabobank and Innovation Quarter will coach the start-ups over the next three months on areas such as finance and investment.

Feo AR

Out of the eleven startups, augmented reality startup Feo AR impresses the most. Feo AR is the first one-stop-shop for augmented reality solutions in the maritime industry. The startup provides an augmented reality platform to give engineers on board of vessels an extra pair of eyes via a digital layer of information.  With this kind of tech, less experienced crew members on board can remotely receive live support, maximizing the capacity of a company’s workforce and available knowledge.


New this year is the cooperation between PortXL and Symbid, a crowdfunding platform specializing in the financing of innovative companies. Together, they want to make it easier and more efficient for start-ups from PortXL to raise capital by presenting them to a large group of potential investors through this platform.

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