Roader: This Dutch camera starts filming 10 seconds before you press record

Roader: This Dutch camera starts filming 10 seconds before you press record

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This year, the 2018 edition of International Consumer Electronics Show Asia (CES Asia) held at Shanghai witnessed a futuristic product launch from the land of windmills. Yes, we are talking about the ‘Time Machine Camera’ from the Amsterdam-based startup Roader, which has been the talk of the town lately. It does sound creepy but is a one-of-its-kind camera, which could be a trendsetter in the times to come.

Founded in 2015 by Dutch entrepreneurs Sjoerd Pitstra and Joost Godee, the startup aims to bring the much-fantasized concept of time travelling to reality.

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#1 Films before pressing record button

The wearable video recorder called Time Machine Camera can capture a video footage by merging the footage taken before and after pressing the record button. This camera uses a buffering technology to record the 10 seconds before you actually press the record button. To put in simple words, the device constantly buffers video to save 10 seconds before the actual recording.

After creating a time travel trick, you can transfer the clip to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and the Roader mobile app. This lets you access the recorded footages for viewing and sharing easy.

#2 Always looking in the same direction as the wearer

With the Time Machine Camera, you will never regret that you hadn’t recorded a video on time. It always looks in the same direction as the wearer and is constantly in the ready mode. With the normal cameras, there is a chance that you could miss an important memory or shot but this camera from Roader is always ready to capture a video and gives you -10 and +10 recording too.

The wearable camera will dangle from a mount that you can wear around your neck. This design makes it easy to capture the footage even before you start shooting.

#3 120 degree view

The camera bestows an 8MP sensor with a 120-degree wide-angle lens. It gets the power from a 2350mAh battery, which can shoot videos for as long as 7 hours. You’ll not run out of storage space as there is 16GB of internal memory, which can store over 500 clips in two resolutions.

This camera comes with a Car Mode functionality and a Car Mount to be used as a Dashcam. The camera automatically activates the loop functionality so that no moment is missed as you drive.

#4 Simultaneously records videos in higher and lower resolution

Roader’s Time Machine Camera records videos in two resolutions at the same time – 720x540p at 30fps and 1280x960p at 30fps. When you beam the clip to a mobile app, the device will automatically select the lower resolution format and send it to the mobile to save time. Meanwhile, it retains the HD version to be transferred to your computer.

#5 2 years in making, crowdfunding, availability

The startup raised a funding of €350K in a funding round in October 2017 and a seeding funding of €150K in February 2016 and this takes the total funding amount to €500K. Priced at €149, it will be launched soon as a kickstarter project on Indiegogo. Early bird buyers can get a 30% discount on the Time Machine Camera.

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