Startup report 2016: Dutch startups raise over 94 million in funding

Startup report 2016: Dutch startups raise over 94 million in funding

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Well, 94.492.690 euro’s to be exact, but that makes such a messy headline. In this first Dutch edition,  author Florian Kandler gives an insightful overview of what 2016 had to offer startups in the Netherlands. The numbers are impressive, with a total of 94 million done in 63 deals by 50 startups.

Must read

The report is currently the most complete and freely available list of startup funding above a quarter million in the past year. There is no guesstimation involved: all the information is validated by the startups themselves. It’s a must read, especially for first-time startup founders who are getting to know the Dutch startup ecosystem and want to know more about the possibilities of a great idea.

Secrets for success

“Startup Report is for those young, inspired, motivated, driven, dedicated, energized people,” says Kandler in the report. “To show them how many other founders have succeeded, turning their idea into a fundable venture. To show them the individuals behind these successful startups. And to give them a taste of how those individuals tick, what their secrets for success are, and what tips they have for them.”


On top of the list is Micreos, a Wageningen-based developer of a technology that enables targeted killing of only unwanted bacteria, regardless of antibiotic resistance, making it a sustainable alternative to antibiotics. The startup received a whopping twelve million in funding in 2016. Other heavy hitters are BUX (6,1 million) Minibrew (2 million) and Sendcloud (2 million).


In the report, several startup founders and CEOs share their story in a questionnaire by Kandler. We picked out some of our favorites, which you can read below. For the full report, visit

 The strongest drive comes from investors who sympathize with your goal. Don’t try to bring in VC’s too early, because it is costly, and they may take over the steering wheel. Build your company with investors who understand what you’re trying to accomplish

Mark Offerhaus, CEO Micreos

Spread your story. Most of the time, your story is unique, so be proud to share in PR, blogs, public speaking events and award ceremonies. Define a killer strategy around your startup brand awareness

Hans Scheffer, CEO Helloprint

The biggest mistake might be the idea that there is one way, or one best way, or one best way for your venture, or one best way for your venture in this stage…. There are countless ways in every situation and you have to explore them all.

Mark de Vos, co-founder GoBoony

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