5 amazing matchmaking sites for startups to connect with investors online

5 amazing matchmaking sites for startups to connect with investors online

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Startup founders already have an entire burden of launching and running an organization. At the same time, looking for an investor who could raise the capital is a tough task. Instead, founders should spend their time creating something people love, not researching investors and chasing intros.

To solve one of the biggest issues for new startup founders, who might have a limited existing network, lot of online platforms have made their way in the web world to help startups connect with investors. Today, Silicon Canals has created a list of online platforms that can be a great support for connecting or matchmaking the two. Take a look!

#1 fundsUP

fundsUP is again the ‘Tinder’ of startups and investors. It is an A.I. boosted matchmaking platform that connects founders, investors and enterprises. The fast, fun, and friendly user interface of the application matches investors with high quality founders of young companies that could lead to investment deals.

For investors, the platform offers unique company info such as previous investments, valuation, traction, business KPI’s and extreme relevant team info such as personality insights from company founders. Currently, the web-based application is dedicated for founders, and the iOS app is dedicated for Investors.

#2 Investid

This online fundraising platform helps startups to automatically find and connect to relevant investors or angel investors registered on the site. Further, it also acts a matchmaker for venture capitalists to crack a deal based on the desired criteria.

Those looking for fund funds or investors, just need to register and share their profiles on VC Matchmaker by investid to find their perfect business match.

#3 Glassdollar

Created by ex-founder of Nestpick (acquired by Rocket Internet) — Fabian Dudek — GlassDollar is an investor-discovery tool for start-ups and lists more than 10,000 VCs and Angels to help startup founders find investors. Based on their start-up’s industry, stage and location, GlassDollar shows them the investors that are most likely to be interested in them.

The startup founders can create their profiles like a LinkedIn profile and can also upload their pitch-deck to GlassDollar. Also, the GlassDollar Investor Cards display data points like funds left for new investments, recent investment activity and ticket size.

Investor Profiles contain additional information about the fund or angel, in-depth ticket-size analysis and links to partners’ LinkedIn profiles. Founders have, at-a-glance, all the information they need to fast-track their fundraise; they can add profiles to their Favorites and export their Investor Shortlist in under five minutes.

#4 Vectrix

Vectrix is ​​the initiator, co-investor and executor of the NextStage Early Stage Fund (NSESF). NextStage is a leading Dutch network for startups and fast growing companies in ICT, Creative Industries and Life Sciences.

It brings innovative entrepreneurs in contact with investors, service providers, business development partners and content deliverers. NextStage regularly organises networking events which feature interesting speakers and elevator pitches. It also organises investor meetings and workshops where startups and entrepreneurs can pitch their products and services to investors and NextStage partners.

This network has over 200 members and is supported by several business partners. Bas Langelaar is the founder and chairman of the NextStage network.

#5 Leapfunder

Leapfunder aims to help startups to find early stage financing. Their main product is the Leapfunder convertible note, a standard approach through which early stage companies can be financed. Via Leapfunder anyone can become an Angel investor. A meaningful investment can start from €1,000 or even smaller.

Leapfunder is a Dutch company, based in Amsterdam. The founders jointly have decades of experience with early stage investing. Leapfunder does not give investment advice.

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