5 innovative Dutch startups that won Brabant Startup Awards this year

5 innovative Dutch startups that won Brabant Startup Awards this year

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For startups and the entrepreneurs, winning an award is definitely a great motivation. And, it is a possibility for their products and services to come under the spotlight. There are several platforms that encourage the startups and one such platform in an initiative of Innovation Origins.

Innovation Origins is an independent platform focusing on innovation, the people behind it and the economy of the innovation. The Brabant Startup Awards recognises the innovative entrepreneurial talents in Brabant. It highlights five most eye-catching startups with pioneering ideas that are expected to be successful in the years to come.

Brabant Startup Awards 2018

After five successful editions in Eindhoven, these five promising startups in the innovative Brabant ecosystem have won the Brabant Startup Awards this year in Tilburg. Until September 14, the Brabant startups were nominated by the public and it comprised of 58 nominees.

The jury will be chaired by Janneke Niessen, comprises of Alex Kind (One of A Kind Technologies), Andrea van Elsas (Aduro Biotech), Jaap Schuddemat (Heliox) and Tarique Arsiwalla (Protix). These entrepreneurs have already left the startup stage behind them. Now, take a look at the startups that have won the award from below.

#1 HoCoSto (Achtmaal)

Founded in 2014 by René Geerts and headquartered in Achtmaal, HoCoSto works with the mission to restore the earth. The startup provides the ultimate solution for using the benefits of solar energy even during the winter season. Once installed, the HoCoSto STES (Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage) unit will minimise or completely eliminate the cost of heating.

#2 Flow.ai (Tilburg)

Flow.ai was founded in 2016 by Gijs van de Nieuwegiessen, Murat Ozmerd and Sander Wubben. With its headquarters in Tilburg, it is a computer software company that makes voice design easy. It offers contemporary tools for the design, development and management of conversational AI. With the platform, you can create, deploy and update amazing voice first experiences and save money and time. The company has received two rounds of funding but the amount is undisclosed. In 2016, the company received €1.8 million funding.

#3 Morphotonics (Veldhoven)

This startup based in Veldhoven was founded by Onno Lint, Rob van Erven, Jan Matthijs ter Meulen and Bram Titulaer. Morphotonics was founded in 2014 with a clear focus on large area Roll-to-Plate micro-and nano-imprint technology.

#4 PeelPioneers (Son)

Founded in 2017, PeelPioneers is a startup that works on the bio-refinery concept. It converts citrus peel waste into valuable resources. The startup works with the waste-to-product company Renewi, which will supply the peelings for recycling. Recently, the startup raised over €1 million funding that will be used to build a fully functional recycling plan for citrus peelings in Son.

#5 Lightyear (Helmond)

Lightyear founded in 2016 by Arjo van der Ham, Koen van Ham, Lex Hoefsloot, Martijn Lammers and Qurein Biewenga is a startup that has developed an electric car that can charge itself. This is possible by making use of the solar energy. The startup raised €5 million euros in a Series A funding round in April 2018 and this funding will be used to make solar cars mainstream.

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