6 startups that have made it into Province of North Holland final list

6 startups that have made it into Province of North Holland final list

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‘Startup in Residence’ is a creative program, where startups are invited to seek cooperation with the government to work together on innovative solutions in the region. During this program, various challenges are presented to startups, where they need to solve social challenges on its current agenda, simultaneously acting as a network partner for the entire region.

For the second time, the province of North Holland invites startups to work within the startup program on provincial challenges’ both internally and externally.  Out of 32 registered startups, 6 startups were selected based on their creative idea to participate in the program over the next six months.

The 6 chosen startups are – Anything Connected (predictive maintenance), GAIKU (more effective and more efficient meetings), Previsual (big data), SD-Insights (driving behavior), Flickbike (bicycle parking problems) and Monkey Mining (process optimization).

Let’s take an in-depth look at these 6 startups that have made it to the Province of North Holland final list.

#1 Anything Connected

Founded in 2016 by Frederik Westerouen van Meeteren, the Delft-based startup offers solution in hardware to build the Internet of Things in 24 hours.  The hardware consists of a sensor sticker that can be applied simply on any equipment, where it will measure movement, orientation, vibration, electric activity and temperature, which covers data collection in 80% of the use case. In case of any fix, the sticker then sends out a distress signal in order to avert the crisis. In most of the cases, this helps the companies to figure out whether their equipment is still working properly or not.


Founded on Oct 10, 2016, this Amsterdam-based startup is an easy-to-use web app that offers active guidance before, during and after any type of meeting. This apps helps in planning the meetings, suggests follow-ups and keep track of the journey of your project. According to the founder, Jasper Meerding, GAIKU wants to make one million or more meetings to be more effective and engaged. This company has collected total funding amount of €1million in two funding rounds in last six months.

#3 SD-Insights

SD-Insights delivers driver coaching to improve the road safety of your employees. This tech startup aims to minimize the number of accidents in traffic by improving driving behavior. With the help of smart sensor technology of Mobileye, the driver’s behavior pattern including lane keeping, speed, and distance, actual speed, direction is measured. With these collected data, officials from SD-Insights give concrete advice to the drivers in person. It’s the data analytics (based on the vision sensor) and smart and personal behavioural approach that makes the startup different from the rest. The SD-Insights was established together with Guido Sluijsmans, Frank Anema and Thom Hubers in a bid to create safe driving behaviour.

#4 Flickbike

Flickbike is the station-less bike sharing solution available 24-hours a day, where users can unlock the bike with an app by scanning the QR code. The company has already teamed up with different municipalities, public transport providers and business partners to offer a convenient, and smooth biking experience. Founded in 2017 by Vikenti Kumanikin, the company has raised total funding amount of €500K.

#5 Monkey Mining

Monkey Mining offers a process mining platform that helps the company to gain data and efficiency, in turn improving the customer service. The company tool provides managers, analysts, and data scientists an easy way to prepare, combine and analyze all the data to gain insights on more effective ways to manage their process. Founded in 2017, the Monkey Mining is headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

#6 PreVisual

PreVisua consists of a team of diverse experts who works with the client to develop tailor-made modular software for progressive technology to achieve appropriate yet innovative solutions for the organization. Headquartered at Deventer, Overijssel, this startup works on tools including virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, applications, 3D modeling, 3D scanning, 3D printing and much more.

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