Acorus Networks raises €5 million to protect enterprise and service providers from DDoS attacks

Acorus Networks raises €5 million to protect enterprise and service providers from DDoS attacks

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In a recent development, French cybersecurity startup Acorus Networks has raised €5 million of funding from fellow French investors Elaia Partners, Partech and Kima Ventures. The Paris-based startup specialises in protecting enterprise and service providers’ network and web platform infrastructure from distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS).

The money raised will be used to protect customers whose business activity relies on the Internet, in fields such as banking, e-commerce, gambling, government and healthcare.

David Bordas, Hosting and Network Infrastructure Manager at Webedia, said, “High-traffic websites, e-sport and live events are recurring targets for DDoS attacks. The flexibility of the Acorus Networks solution and its ability to adapt to our specific needs, as well as the recognised expertise of the team, are at the origin of our choice.

According to a recent US DDoS Prevention System, more than 50 percent of IT security decision-makers admit that their organisation has been a victim of DDoS attacks ten times in the past year. Moreover, 40 percent of the attacks lasted more than 10 hours. Also, given that DDoS-as-a-service (DaaS) is now available for low prices, launching DDoS attacks have been easier.

Romain Broussard, IT Director at, “As an online retailer, the availability of our website is critical. In the event of unavailability, every minute results in a loss of revenue and a deterioration of our brand image. Acorus Networks’ detection and filtering systems operate at the front end of our infrastructures to permanently protect us against denial of service.

Marc Rougier, Partner at Elaia Partners, “As cyberattacks grow (4000 attacks per day), so do cybersecurity business opportunities. We’ve known Acorus for some time, since they protected, a portfolio company, from a massive attack. I am impressed by their vision, their technology and the reputation the team has built. We are very proud and excited to be on board and confident that Acorus Networks is heading toward international success.

For those who do not know, the co-founders Benjamin Schilz and Raphael Maunier decided to launch Acorus Networks in 2014. Their primary goal was to make tech enthusiasts and business owners aware of the growing threat of DDoS attacks.

The startup allows enterprises to grow their revenue with complete peace of mind and with clear visibility and control of the threats to which they may be exposed. The company offers a Cloud infrastructure service to guarantee high availability of its customers like government, defence, media, e-commerce, retail, transport, healthcare, gaming and more. by protecting them against increasing sophisticated denial of service attacks.

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