Amsterdam-based fast-charging startup Fastned expands to the United Kingdom

Amsterdam-based fast-charging startup Fastned expands to the United Kingdom

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Considering the global warming factor, a huge part of the population is making a transition towards the electric vehicle around the world to avoid the usage of fossil fuel and reduce carbon footprint. If that’s the case, speedy charging is considered essential to getting more people interested in driving an electric car.

First in UK!

In this regard, Fastned, the charging company which is building a European network of fast charging stations, inagurated its first fast-charging station in the United Kingdom recently. This is the first fast-charging station in the United Kingdom with a charging capacity up to 350 kW. The station is located in Sunderland, near the factory where the Nissan Leaf is produced for the entire European market. Fastned supplies 100% renewable electricity and is accessible for all full electric vehicles (FEVs).

The new fast charging station is designed, built, and operated by Fastned and is owned by the North East Joint Transport Committee and funded through the Go Ultra Low Cities Grant and the European Regional Development Fund.

Centrally located on West Wear Street!

The station is centrally located on West Wear Street, which is one of Sunderland’s busiest central routes. Last month Fastned announced it had won another tender for five locations for fast-charging stations in the North East of England, organised by the North East Joined Transport Committee.

At Fastned, all full electric cars can fast charge. The station canopy is covered with solar panels. All electricity supplied to drivers comes from the sun and wind. The station has four 50 kW fast chargers and two 175 kW fast chargers that are already enabled for 350 kW charging. Initially, charging at the station in Sunderland will be free.

Free charge will end, once payment system is activated!

Having said that, the free charging will end during 2019 as soon as the payment system is activated, from that moment an introductory price will be charged. Charging and paying will then be possible with an EV charge card, debit/credit card, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Later in the year, it will also be possible to charge with the Fastned App, making automatic charging (Autocharge) possible in the United Kingdom for the first time.

Fastned’s mission is to give freedom to electric drivers and thereby accelerate the transition to electric mobility. Fastned currently has over 90 stations in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. Fastned is also expanding to Belgium, Switzerland and France.

Michiel Langezaal, co-founder and CEO of Fastned:

We are pleased to have built this fast charging station where FEV’s can charge up to 350 kW in the United Kingdom in cooperation with the North East Joint Transport Committee. Local and regional electric drivers can now use this charging facility. Sunderland is a symbolic city for electric driving since the factory where the Nissan Leaf is produced is located here. With the Leaf, Nissan was one of the first manufacturers to launch an affordable, mass-produced electric car.

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