Are you Tinder-tired? This elite Dutch dating app is now expanding to San Francisco, Toronto & Los Angeles

Are you Tinder-tired? This elite Dutch dating app is now expanding to San Francisco, Toronto & Los Angeles

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The Inner Circle expands to San Francisco, Toronto and Los Angeles. The Amsterdam-based, selective dating app, also announces that it now has 900,000 members. This makes the scale up, that connects ambitious and like-minded singles, the biggest dating platform from the Netherlands.

David Vermeulen, CEO of The Inner Circle: “Now that we launched in San Francisco, Toronto and Los Angeles, The Inner Circle is available in 35 cities. We connect like-minded bachelors in big cities like Dubai, Singapore, Berlin, Sydney, Zurich and of course our homeport Amsterdam. Our users are ‘Tinder-Tired’ and are looking for a more selective group of singles, to find a better match.”

Vermeulen founded The Inner Circle in 2012, when (and because) he himself was still single. The app aims to bring users in contact with ambitious and like-minded others through an app and events. The scale-up focusses on (large) international cities.

Facebook enters dating market

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that he wanted to penetrate the dating industry. Facebook focuses on long-term relationships and not on hook-ups.

“We are excited that Facebook is finally entering the dating space and we’re looking forward to working closely with Facebook together to offer more dating solutions to create meaningful relationships. We believe Facebook will help us further destroy the hook-up culture and strengthen the market where connecting through mutual interests will be the key to long-term relationships.”

Every day The Inner Circle allows 1,500 new members on the platform. As there are already 900,000 members active on the platform, The Inner Circle is the largest dating platform in the Netherlands.

“There are another 900,000 people on the waiting list. In the approximately five years that we are active, our app and events led to 300 babies and countless weddings.”

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