Beerhive: This Belgium app will suggest a beer for you based on your personality

Beerhive: This Belgium app will suggest a beer for you based on your personality

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With summers about to hit, the most-awaited beer festivals of Belgium are all set to kick off!

To spice up the beer festivals, Leuven-based startup – Beerhive – is readying up to launch its new digital platform, which is an app for beer lovers. Beerhive is a digital platform on which a community of beer lovers worldwide share their knowledge about beers and builds them together on a digital beer guide.

Beerhive is part of accelerator Start it @KBC, which supports innovative ideas and scalable business models. In the Beerhive app, the beer lovers will be able to create their own profiles. Based on 120 flavor and aroma parameters, consumers can increase their information about beers and in return, share their knowledge with other beer lovers.

Further, the cafés and supermarkets can also use the Beerhive app to give their customers personalized beer advice, based on their own beer supply. On the other hand, brewers can use consumer data to understand the preferences and expand their range accordingly.

Jan Paesen, zythologist and founder of Beerhive, said, “Where other apps only focus on giving reviews, we go a step further and offer beer enthusiasts an expert tool to learn new beers based on objective characteristics. ”

Wim De Bruycker, zythologist and co-founder of Beerhive added, “It’s like a huge catalogue of beer varieties! A sweet beer with pineapple flavour or rather hoppy with the aroma of clove! You start with a beer that you know and discover new beers that are in line with your personal preferences.”

Meanwhile, Beerhive is already working together with several Belgian breweries, including, Duvel Moortgat, which was closely involved, Hof Ten Dormaal and also brewery Anders (which was their first collaboration).

The company reportedly informed that the focus for this summer would be expanding the beer lover’s community. While, it already contains more than 3,300 Belgian beers, however, it will soon be expanded with the addition of foreign beers.

Further, by the end of 2018, Beerhive hopes to find interested investors and partners for the internationalization and scaling up of the distribution of its professional services to catering, retail, and breweries.

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