BoatNow offers smooth boating experience across Amsterdam: Here’s what you need to know

BoatNow offers smooth boating experience across Amsterdam: Here’s what you need to know

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If there is one thing, everyone knows about Amsterdam is its dozens of canals that run across the labyrinthine city gently gliding under the bridges that connect places together. Moving swiftly through beautiful canals is easier than ever with BoatNow service. 

What is BoatNow?

Also known as UBER for boats’, BoatNow offers the option to make bookings in real-time through the website and mobile app. To be specific, this Amsterdam-based company aims at offering a smooth sailing experience on the canals across the city. In addition to it, the company believes that people should be able to book a boat, regardless of the destination and time. 

How to access BoatNow?

BoatNow has a dedicated app on both Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store) platform. It also has Live-GPS called ‘Unique’ in the app of boats that show in real-time their locations to users. 

Why should you opt for BoatNow service?

First off, the company has varieties of boats that adhere to international safety standards. Secondarily, users are ‘matched’ with the right boat that fits their personal needs and ensures them to be picked up within 60 minutes. Having said that, the company has tie-ups with 117 boats, 113 pick-up points in Amsterdam as well. 

Different types of boats

You can opt for boats from these four different categories according to your choice – Big Boats (Over 20 people), Open Boats (with a 360-degree view), Romantic Boats (for just the two of you), and Saloon Boats (classical).


Earlier this year, the company has raised an angel round of funding around €130,000 led by prominent investors including Michiel Boere (Uber Head of Finance EMEA), Marc Teerlink (SVP Leonardo SAP), David Wyler (VP Tinder), Robert Gaal (former MD TQ), and Jan-Joost Rueb (ex eBuddy). The startup is looking to raise fund near €500,000 for international expansion. 

Maintaining positive cash flow

BoatNow is already witnessing positive cash flow and estimated to do €1M+ in revenues annually. When asked about maintaining positive cash flowFreek van Koolbergen, said, “We created an MVP (minimal viable product) to prove our concept and product market fit with minimal marketing and overhead cost. Within a few months 75% of the licensed boats in Amsterdam are connected to our platform, and quickly generated over a 100 bookings.

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