Dobbi: How this Dutch startup plans to disrupt the laundry industry using technology!

Dobbi: How this Dutch startup plans to disrupt the laundry industry using technology!

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Numerous tech startups are emerging in Amsterdam to make the daily lives of people simpler. One such startup is dobbi, a digital laundry and dry cleaning service. Founded by Ruben van Pelt and Maurits Tiethoff, this Amsterdam-based startup aims at simplifying the task of washing, ironing and folding clothes.

As the company claims, dobbi resolves the hassle of carrying a full laundry basket and piles of stained clothes to the dry cleaner. Yes, the digital laundry startup lets you book the service via an app on your Android or iOS device.

Last year, Tiethoff started a pilot with PostNL to collect and deliver the cleaning goods directly at the doorsteps of consumers. As it turned out to be successful, they have come up with dobbi and PostNL and Henkel stepped in as investors to expand the service all through the country.

Today, we at Silicon Canals will see how tech startups like dobbi with bring a change in the laundry industry with mobile integration. We had a telephonic discussion with the co-founder Maurits Tiethoff regarding the service giving us further insights about dobbi, the digital laundry service.

A wider target audience

Dobbi does not target a specific category of customers. The startup has a wider target group starting from the youngsters to the elderly community. But it is definitely more towards the younger user base such as professionals. Basically, the Amsterdam startup aims at customers who aren’t able to visit a dry cleaner to drop in or collect their washed clothes. This is what the company is trying to address with its competitive pricing.

Digitising the laundry industry: Benefits

#1 Mobile integration: The digital laundry startup provides the convenience of booking the laundry service from their home using the app. As the millennial generation doesn’t have enough time to do their laundry amidst their hectic work, this service will be a boon.

#2 Peace of mind: Customers need not be worried about the hassle of servicing and maintaining their washing machine and steamer. All this work will be done by dobbi giving them peace of mind. They just have to order the service and wait for the clothes to be picked up.

#3 Flexible timing: The startup doesn’t charge for the doorstep pickup and delivery for orders above €30. They charge €24.95 for 6 kilos of laundry. They operate from 08:00 am to 8:00 pm so customers can choose when they can order for the service. They assure to deliver the collected clothes within 48 hours after best quality washing, folding and ironing, provided the address is within the Netherlands.

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