This Dutch startup uses blockchains, drones and droids to transport and deliver packages

This Dutch startup uses blockchains, drones and droids to transport and deliver packages

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Delivering consumer package upside down via drones used to be science fiction a few years back, but not anymore. The quadcopter flying around the skies, doing automated deliveries seems like a fun, yet appealing idea that also benefits the environment.

In fact, the production of both commercial and personal drones continues to rise globally. Few companies like Amazon, UPS, Google, and DHL are working round the clock in an attempt to explore ways to deliver packages with drones instead of trucks.

Geeba to start trail from next year!

Geeba, a Qatari-founded, Rotterdam delivery startup is the latest entrant to join this bandwagon of drone delivery. Establishing it as a joint venture between Doha-based autonomous vehicle logistics company Airlift and n-Gon, a company specializing in applications for UAVs, Geeba is planning to start a trial of ‘last-mile’ deliveries, where the package is taken from a central hub to consumer’s door.

Bicycles, blockchains, and drones!

In this joint venture, the Airlift supplies the unmanned ground bicycles, N-gon takes cares of drones and Geeba offers the blockchain technology that links all these vehicles through the online platform.

PIN is all you need!

In this case, the consumer will receive an email before the drone arrives at the doorstep. According to Ahmed Mohamedali, CEO of Geeba, once the drone is in front of the door, it can be opened it by PIN code that has been sent to them through SMS.

Rotterdam is the place!

Ahmed Mohamedali, CEO of Geeba has chosen the Netherlands to improve their innovations, as the government (South Holland) encourages startups to experiment. To be specific, Geeba is based out of Rotterdam, where the technology and pilot will be developed at the Cambridge Innovation Center. Furthermore, both Airlift and Geeba got the startup visa and a temporary residence permit for one year to develop their startup.

Future plans!

Currently, Geeba employs around 11 people from ten different nations, and they are planning to double the employee number to develop the blockchain technology in the last mile logistics. On the other hand, Airlift is expected to have more than 100 robots and hubs in the next nine months.

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