Dutch software startup Safesight working to make FC Twente, Feyenoord safer

Dutch software startup Safesight working to make FC Twente, Feyenoord safer

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Events are getting bigger and bigger. Hence, a startup named Safesight wants to prevent calamities at events and wants to professionalizes the safety around events by making use of software. Already, football clubs such as FC Twente and Feyenoord, and municipalities such as Amsterdam, are now using Safesight’s software solution.

Erik Velderman, General Manager of FC Twente: “It is important for every organization that all the safety professionals are aware of their role and responsibility within the safety process. With Safesight, we continuously monitor the status of our safety organization and monitor what goes well and what needs adjustment. For example, we know who has read his or her briefing, or that the emergency exits have been checked in all sectors. In addition, all reports are logged directly in the cloud by the various parties involved. That gives us an up-to-date overview of everything that takes place in our stadium.”

Software solution

Safesight develops software that ensures that employees, suppliers and other parties know and actually implement the safety plans and agreements.

“We do this, among other things, by ensuring that everyone has the most up-to-date information available at all times. Consider briefings and floor plans, but also personal task lists and detailed emergency scenarios”, says Edo Haan, creator and founder of Safesight. “If you organize a great event for thousands of people, you also have the responsibility to organize a safe event. Our software has proven itself at festivals and now other organizations are also benefiting from this solution.”

Launched in festival scene

Safesight launched the solution in the festival scene, but that is not the only industry that wants to create save events. “We ensure that all the professionals and parties involved – before and during the event – are informed and instructed optimally and demonstrably. We ensure that all risk-limiting measures are taken in a timely manner”, says Haan.

Molly Stam, head of the swimming pools department in Amsterdam: “Since this year, we are conducting a pilot with Safesight in De Mirandabad. Their cloud-based logbook helps us to gather structured information about daily operations and this solution makes the information available quickly.

The platform also helps us to monitor the status of important tasks, such as water measurements, maintenance and cleaning. With Safesight we are better able to evaluate, learn lessons where necessary and to show that we have organized the safety in a right matter.”

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