Amsterdam online eye-test startup Easee secures growth capital from Nimbus Ventures

Amsterdam online eye-test startup Easee secures growth capital from Nimbus Ventures

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For many people, getting an eyeglass prescription and a pair of glasses without ever visiting the eye specialist may sound appealing. This is what the Amsterdam-based startup Easee is banking upon.

Founded in 2016, Easee, an online eye-testing startup, has raised growth capital from Nimbus Ventures. This investment will be used to enable people to undergo a fast and reliable eye test without having to visit an optician.

Easee in line with requirements

Easee has developed a proprietary platform along with UMC Utrecht. This platform is in line with the requirements of the European Commission. Notably, it is the world’s first CE certified online eye test. The research and development team at the startup uses data analytics and machine learning to enhance its products.

They are preparing new techniques to be released in 2019.

Amsterdam eyewear startup Ace & Tate has already started using the intelligent prescription platform of Easee. This makes ordering glasses easier for customers. With the received capital, the startup can develop its platform and scale its business to a great extent.

Easee is committed to help people have their eyes tested from the comfort of their home. The online eye testing startup aims to provide the easiest way for people to test their vision. This Dutch startup enables people aged between 18 and 45 to get their eyes tested online. And, it assures that the test is equally accurate as visiting an optician.

The Easee online eye test will be done in just 20 minutes and it needs only a laptop or a smartphone at a distance of 3 meters. The test result will be verified by registered ophthalmologists and the prescription will be delivered via email within hours. So, there’s no need of waiting for days to book an appointment with the optician and wait for the prescription.

Aimed at millennials

The eyewear market is moving online and you can book your glasses online. This has paved way for the need of fast and reliable online eye testing, especially millennials need this solution as they are quite busy. So long, there was a gap between e-commerce and eye care but Easee has filled this gap with its high-quality and reliable online eye testing.

Nimbus Ventures is an investment firm, which provides funds to the young companies with sufficient capital. It also offers the much-needed support to scaleup their business. With this investment, Easee can reach out to more people to make eye testing a simpler task for them.

Yves Prevoo, founder, and CEO of Easee says, “Nimbus Ventures has experience with the challenges of scaling technology companies. We are confident that with their hands-on support we can further accelerate our growth. Our technology can improve access to eye testing for millions of people around the world. We are thrilled to take our company to the next level with Nimbus Ventures.”

Auke van den Hout, co-founder, and partner of Nimbus Ventures says, “Easee fits Nimbus Venture’s portfolio well because of its scaling opportunities. The company is ready to take its platform abroad and we are eager to accompany Easee on this exciting journey.”

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