Here’s an overview of the best tech conferences in Amsterdam for November

Here’s an overview of the best tech conferences in Amsterdam for November

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For the people who have no idea what’s going on this month, we are featuring a general overview of the best tech conferences of the month. This month, European Women in Technology, ITNEXT Summit, Emerce Performance and TEDxAmsterdam are going to be hosted in Amsterdam. Aside from a general description of each conference, we are featuring the prices, the target audiences and a means to sign up quickly. 


November 6th

With Europe being a world leader in technology, this conference has been created to inspire, celebrate and connect European women working in this sector. Hear and learn from successful people in tech about championing women, the importance of female role models, accelerating your career, getting into the boardroom, and much more.

Who: Professionals wishing to push workforce diversity

Price: Sold out



November 15th

ITNEXT SUMMIT 2017 is an event where innovative companies and people will demystify their products and knowledge, showing the tech behind the solutions of tomorrow. Do not expect just discussions about what will happen in 5 to 10 years. It is a place to see behind the curtains what is possible to implement and apply now, to learn what seemed impossible but it is now feasible!

Who: IT Professionals in AI, AR/MR/VR, IoT and Blockchain

Price: €99



November 16th

Emerce Performance provides media professionals’ insights in the current state of  performance-based online advertising. How does advertising lead to increased sales, downloads or leads?  Learn from the best mediamanagers, strategists, planners and buyers.

Who: Online Media professionals

Price: €395 ex BTW en servicekosten



November 17th

The theme of TEDxAmsterdam 2017 is One Step Beyond. Big scientific and technological break throughs are the sum of small discoveries, coincidences and victories that lead to a ‘eureka!’ moment. Considered steps individually makes them seem small, but together they are the driving forces forward, ‘a sequence of steps beyond’; an idea in motion. All links, moments, insights and people who are just one step in the whole are at least as important as the total.

Who : people interested in hearing about big ideas and who will spread those ideas out into the world.

Price : invite ony, livestream available

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