How this Amsterdam-based content marketing startup makes sure that right writers are available at right times

How this Amsterdam-based content marketing startup makes sure that right writers are available at right times

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Amsterdam-based startup Contentoo has launched its content creation platform to cater to the demands for high-quality content in the corporate world. With this, a pool of top-rated freelance writers and journalists and smart software, the company has come together to transform the outdated methods of content creation. Launched in 2017, Contentoo has attracted investments from angel investors Frans van Hulle and Bas Offers. The startup also serves clients including,, and Exact Software.

“To make the content engaging and exciting to the target group, you need good writers who understand your market and your product and know how to write about it in a way that others can easily understand,” says Contentoo founder Jeroen Gunter.

Best of both the worlds – Talent and Technology

Contentoo’s primary focus is on the companies that create large volumes of content. With the rise of companies increasingly investing in content marketing, creating content with limited resources is one of the major problems. To deal with this, as of now, the startup has around 150 native English, Dutch and German writers, translators and editors on its platform. Moreover, the process is time-consuming and inefficient that makes quality one of the integral factors.

Customised Services

Contentoo assembles a fixed team of freelance copywriters, translators and editors for the clients; ensuring quality and consistency of the content. Each of its clients is provided with a designated account manager who helps with the briefing and other related activities. Moreover, the platform makes arrangements for client briefings and feedback. To distribute content, Contentoo has partnered with publishers including Instant Magazine and is currently expanding to include even more partners. Quality is assured!

Unlike other freelance copywriting platforms, Contentoo ensures top-notch quality content by enforcing a strict writer selection policy. Contentoo has developed a one of a kind assessment process for selecting the writers who work on its platform. The freelancers are categorised according to their specialisation areas and/or fields of expertise. After an extensive onboarding with the client and examination of topics like buyer personas, customer journey, and tone of voice, Contentoo deploys a team to serve its clients. After that, the client can send instructions to this team via the platform.

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