Research shows 46% of Dutch startup job vacancies are in Amsterdam

Research shows 46% of Dutch startup job vacancies are in Amsterdam

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While employment opportunities in the Dutch startup ecosystem are increasing around the country, Amsterdam still leads the way. The Silicon Canals of the nation’s capital offer 46% of all startup job opportunities in the Netherlands. This is the outcome of a research committed by, the Dutch division of German jobsearchsite

Rotterdam on the rise

The gap between Amsterdam and the second and third-biggest startup cities in the country, Utrecht and Rotterdam, is ginormous. Of the 4759 startup job openings in the last twelve months 2215 were for Amsterdam-based positions. Utrecht had 302 startup vacancies to fill in, while Rotterdam had 296. Joblift warns the top three may look very different next year. The amount of startup job opportunities in Rotterdam is growing twice as fast as that of Amsterdam. Add to that the recent opening of CICRotterdam, and it is suddenly not unthinkable that in the not too distant future Rotterdam will dethrone its eternal rival city to become the new #1 Startup Hub in the Netherlands.

Tech hubs not yet that much on track

While cities like Eindhoven and Delft deliver an increasing amount of internationally successful tech startups, neither of these cities have the employment opportunities you’d expect from a tech hub. Eindhoven is coming it at a shared fourth place together with The Hague; both cities had 129 startup jobs listed over the last year. Employers in Eindhoven as well as Rotterdam display the most confidence in their companies as 82% of jobs offered come with long-term contracts.

It’s still all about IT

When it comes to the types of jobs offered, the startup ecosystem is still displaying a shortage of IT-jobs that need to be filled. 35% of all startup vacancies are IT-jobs. Yet startup companies have started to properly invest in sales and marketing staff as well, as 11% of jobs were sales-related and 8% were in the field of PR and marketing.

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