Launchpad Meetups are back!

Launchpad Meetups are back!

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The Next Web and Startup Amsterdam are challenging entrepreneurs to come and pitch their startup to some of the most powerful corporates in a new round of Launchpad Meetups. Some impressive corporates and institutions have listed their biggest innovation challenges, and they are throwing down the gauntlet for startups to solve them.

Track Record

Startup Amsterdam and TNW started the Launchpad Meetups event format in 2015. The concept has proven to be quite successful and the organisation proudly brags about its impressive track record: so far the Launchpad Meetups connected 50 corporates to 220 startups during 67 Launchpad Meetups. Also worth mentioning is that more than 68% of pitching startups managed to get a follow up meeting with a corporate.

Juicy challenges

There are some juicy challenges out there that innovative entrepreneurs can sink their teeth into. Those startups looking to connect with corporates can try their luck with KPN or Rabobank for instance. KPN wants to know how they can make Augmented Reality mainstream and how they can become the main provider of AR solutions in the country. Rabobank wants you to bring your shiniest crystal ball and tell them what the future of financial services will look like.

Enriched Experience

The more creative spirited startups out there may prefer to pitch for Paradiso or RAI Amsterdam. The country’s most iconic music temple wants to know how they can service music lovers better, and how they can enrich the live experience they provide. RAI Amsterdam wants to know how they can make the journey to Amsterdam a more eventful & impactful part of the experience they deliver as a conference centre.

Apply now!

You can find a list with all the different pitch challenges here. Officially the deadline to sign up for these pitches ends Friday November 4th, but a little birdy told us that for some of the pitches they may accept applications for another week. Not into pitching yourself, but keen to attend? Then get out your diary and click here for a full overview of the upcoming Launchpad Meetups between November 10th and January 12th.