Homerr gets €1M growth capital: 5 things to know about this promising Dutch startup in logistics

Homerr gets €1M growth capital: 5 things to know about this promising Dutch startup in logistics

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Software focused investment firm from the Netherlands, CNBB Venture Partners, along with a group of private investors have shown interest in the country’s unique logistics e-commerce startup Homerr.

The Amsterdam-based startup has got an investment of €1 million to develop its services and neighbourhood networking in the city and across the Netherlands.

Homerr – Everything you need to know

With an increase in online purchases among the millennials, the problems related to collections and last mile deliveries are increasing day by day. Especially for those who are working or hate to stay at home to receive a package.

So to solve these issues Juriaan Matthijssen founded Homerr in December 2016.

#1 Homerr tackles last mile delivery issues

Homerr is an independent social network of private individuals and shops that are ready to receive your package. They can be found in the neighborhood, and you can collect your package from them even after working hours.

As per the company press release, Homerr has an independent network of what they call as, ‘Neighbourhood Points’ (private individuals) and ‘Service Points’ (retail trade).

Hence, the company aims to put an end to problems like missed packages and non-home notes.

#2 Homerr works on the model of pickup, delivery and return

Homerr is basically an app which has 3 options to choose from. Firstly, pickup, where your online order can be delivered to a neighbor who is regularly at home. Through the Homerr smartphone app you can track the status of your order and will receive a notification as soon as your package is ready to pick up at the chosen Homerr.

Secondly, a Homerr can also deliver your package at home at your own convenience. In this case, you will need to pay a little more as compared to the ‘pickup’ feature.

Lastly, if you don’t like the product delivered, your Homerr can also return the parcel with the ‘return service.’ The Homerr will pick up the package and send it back to the sender with a payment of few extra euros. You just need to tap on the app.

There is also an unlimited subscription offer for pro shoppers.

#3 Homerr app is available for Apple, Google and Windows devices

Homerr cooperates with five of the largest parcel services in the Netherlands (PostNL, UPS, DHL, DPD and FedEx) and is available as an application in the App Store , Google Play Store and Windows Store . You just need to sign up by completing a short web form or by linking the app to your Facebook account.

#4 More than 600 locations in 30 cities in the Netherlands

While the company doesn’t have its own delivering staff, but has a social network of Homerrs in more than 600 locations in 30 cities in the Netherlands, both retail and home.

‘Convenience, control, efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions have been important drivers for the establishment. In addition, Homerr puts an end to the unsolicited and often unwanted delivery to neighbors, which is still the standard in the market, ‘ notes Juriaan Matthijssen, Founder & Director, Homerr.

#5 Homerr aims to capture growth in e-commerce demands smart solutions

As per Thuiswinkel Market Monitor 2017, the e-commerce market has grown by at least 13% in 2017. The increasing growth of the e-commerce market puts pressure on the current delivery services to continue to send home all packages. According Arco van Nieuwland, Managing Partner of CNBB, the parcels market will change dramatically in the coming years.

He was quoted saying in the press release, “The industry craves smart, new solutions for last mile delivery. Homerr provides a solution for both carriers, webshops and consumers. We especially want to benefit Homerr with our knowledge and experience in scaling networks.”

Homerr plans to change in the way of delivery and meet all the issue. The company also plans to support delivery services by offering the largest open pickup and return network in the Netherlands that could scale with the growth of the market.

“Currently, more than 30% (200,000 units) of packages are not delivered to the right recipients, leading to irritation among consumers and adverse effect on the environment. Homerr plans to eradicate this issue by forming a social pickup and return network, which is open even after working hours. Consumers can pick up their orders when its comfortable for them,” said Jurriaan Matthijssen.

Commenting on the recent investment Jurriaan Matthijssen notes, “With the new investment we want to expand our network to more than 5,000 Area Service Points (locations) in the Netherlands.”

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