Rockstart Web and Mobile Demo Day: From Blockchain ID to Better Singing

Rockstart Web and Mobile Demo Day: From Blockchain ID to Better Singing

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On June 14, Amsterdam-founded accelerator Rockstart, which has programs running in Europe, Asia, and South America, presented its ten Web & Mobile Accelerator startup graduates at Demo Day in Westerpark. This year marks the sixth edition of the program, with 50 startups already having graduated from it. During the program, the startup founders had been engaging and working with experienced mentors and partners to help validate and scale their businesses.

International Founders & Entrepreneurial Spirit

With Demo Day marking the final milestone towards the end of the program, investors, partners, and affiliates gathered in Westerpark in anticipation of the ten pitches. The teams of this year’s Web & Mobile batch come from Germany, Iran, the Netherlands, Spain, India, Turkey, Egypt, and Kuwait. At the beginning of this endeavor, program director Rutger van Waveren said, “the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders is better than ever. It is the people that define the success of a startup, and I’m very confident about the teams that are in the current accelerator program.”

The 10 Startups

Vanido is an education app that delivers daily singing sessions to train your voice and ear. Each session is personalized according to the user’s vocal range and past performance. You can track your real-time pitch, review recordings, and evaluate progress.

Tykn leverages blockchain technology to bring trust, privacy, and interoperability to public records. They developed a tool that allows trusted users like midwives and doctors to register the birth of the child (a proof of birth) on an immutable, decentralized, and permanent record keeper.

BotBoys are all-purpose chat bot manufacturers. The bots collect actual insights and turn them into proactive customer service. The startup has spent the last year making chatbots for big Dutch corporates, including NOS—the national broadcasting service,—the National Lottery, and more. While serving its clients, BotBoys has gradually built its own bot infrastructure from scratch.

Frosha uses artificial intelligence to handle worldwide data from different countries and writing systems. The startup employs state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to process semi-structured data. It recognizes the true structure of the data and is able to handle data in the same way humans would, thereby eliminating slow and tedious work.

Bouw7 allows construction companies to prepare for the next era of construction. The startup created a new-generation construction management software, which optimizes the administration, planning, and project management of construction companies. The in-house developed SaaS solution helps customers immediately save costs thanks to increased productivity and reduction of risks.

Hunters already helped 500 sales people to land jobs. Specializing in job positions with high turnover rates and commission-based salaries, Hunters solves the problem of the constant demand of sales people. The startup ensures a fully-automated, location-aware recruiting process from a candidate leading all the way to the interview.

Flymedi is a travel marketplace which allows travelers to find quality medical care anywhere in the world. FlyMedi only lists clinics that accept international patients and have international certification. Patients can also receive all-inclusive medical tour packages that include accommodation, treatment, and transfer.

SCITODATE  is a platform that analyzes research papers to generate leads for scientific equipment manufacturers. They use their resources to compile lists of potential buyers for customers, making their sales process far less complicated.

Onduro demonstrates how easy and customized flexible staff management can be. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and be more efficient in every task, from planning to reporting. Easily connect with your workforce via the mobile app. Keep each other up-to-date on availability, schedules, hours and statistics—always and everywhere.

WeParc offers a modern solution to parking and car ownership. The customer can have one of the startup’s drivers pick up a car, transfer it to one of WeParc’s secure parking lots, and return it wherever, whenever they prefer.

Text: Dina Farag. Images by: Dieter Schalk

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