Saas-startup success story continues as Teamleader secures €10M in funding

Saas-startup success story continues as Teamleader secures €10M in funding

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Belgian SaaS-Startup Teamleader has raised an impressive € 10M in funding from several investors, the main one of which is Fortino Capital. The company intends to put these ten million Euros to good use by continuing to develop its product into a full service platform for retailers throughout Europe.

Perfectly punctual personal assistant

Teamleader provides an online CRM software program with which the Gent-based startup aims to make the workflow for entrepreneurs more efficient through automation. Teamleader’s software operates like a perfectly punctual personal assistant. It tells you when to leave for your next appointment (including travel time), it suggests to mail a client when you hang up the telephone and with your mobile camera you can scan business cards and add their contacts to your database of contacts. The main goal is to finetune the process from the first contact with potential clients until the money comes in.

Third time’s the charm

For Fortino Capital this marks the third investment in the successful startup. In 2015 the investment company already participated in Teamleader’s seed round and their €2.5M Series A round. Fortino Capital’s Duco Sickinghe is happy to be along for the ride: “We have been involved with Teamleader for several years now. We love to be part of their story of continuous growth”.

Flemish Founders

Teamleader was founded in the Flemish city of Gent in 2012 by Jeroen De Wit, Mathias De Loore and Willem Delbare. Ever since then the company has been growing rapidly.  Teamleader’s own Teamleader Jeroen de Wit explains: “The last few years have been amazing. We tripled our growth in one year, we went from 15 to a 100 employees. We also opened up offices in Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid”. The company has also been receiving award love as it won the Boost Award in April 2015. Teamleader claims to be the fastest growing scale-up in all of Europe.

Teamleader’s “Tijdstrijd” Time-management event

Teamleader recently committed research company iVOX to look into time-management among Dutch entrepreneurs and the results were rather alarming. It turns out entrepreneurs spend almost all their time on work and hardly any time on leisure. The Dutch division presented the results last week in Utrecht at its Tijdstrijd-event. Next week we’ll delve deeper into the findings of the iVOX-research with Sjoerd Göddeke, manager for Teamleader in the Netherlands.

Picture: Teamleader’s CEO Jeroen de Wit (l) and Fortino Capital’s Duco Sickinghe (r).