Scanmovers want to make the movers market more transparent

Scanmovers want to make the movers market more transparent

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Scanmovers wants to make the movers market more transparent. Why? Because movers in the same city can be twice as expensive and aren’t necessarily better. And, as Boyan Nijpels, founder of Scanmovers states, there are a lot of great movers that don’t even have their own website. Scanmovers wants to solve these problems with their movers platform, that shows which removalist is the cheapest or best in the region.

Price differences between movers

The Dutch start-up did research on how much movers differ in prices and noticed the following:

  • Movers outside of the Randstad are more expensive than in the Randstad
  • A mover in the province Overijssel can be three times as expensive as one in Noord-Holland
  • Movers differ (almost two times) more in price in the Randstad than outside of the Randstad


Scanmovers has two explanations for these difference. “First of all, this price difference is present because there are more movers in the big cities than in the rest of the Netherlands. And there are a lot of discounters in the big cities. So, basically, it’s a classic economics: supply and demand regulate price.”

Comparing movers matters

The cheapest mover in the Netherlands can be found in Noord-Holland and costs about 403 euro. The most expensive mover can be found in Overijssel and costs about 1266 euro. Nijpels: “That’s a difference of more than 800 euro’s – or three times the price. That’s why it’s so useful to compare movers. We want to enable more people to make use of movers. Moving your stuff yourself will cost you just about as much as when you use a mover. And if you move your own belongings, you’ll risk damaging them.”

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