Luxurious co-working spaces guaranteed, as startup incubator Merkspace settles in Amsterdam

Luxurious co-working spaces guaranteed, as startup incubator Merkspace settles in Amsterdam

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On August 10th, another co-working space has opened in Amsterdam. Merkspace is a full-service start-up incubator and co-working space in Tel Aviv focused on startups that want to grow to potentially international heights. At this new location, Merkspace offers full-service flex desks and office space for approximately 40 startups and hosts events to connect Dutch entrepreneurs with the international start-up scene. 

Luxurious setting

Merkspace is founded by Sapir Spigel and her father. This young Israeli entrepreneur believes in the power of a community. She also states the following: “‘It is important to work in a place where you feel comfortable. Feeling at home is key”. For this reason, the concept is located at the Herengracht in the center of Amsterdam. The luxuriously decorated historic and characteristic building is what the start-ups at Merkspace Amsterdam will call home. Merkspace Amsterdam currently hosts about 20 startups and still has room for 15 to 20 other startups.

Focussing on the business and growing internationally

The startups hosted by Merkspace will be provided with everything that they need to focus on their business and potentially grow internationally. Merkspace gains (international) funds, attracts new talent and ultimately help their startups penetrate new markets. By also supporting the business development, connecting the entrepreneurs to important tech-innovators and introducing their members to their worldwide connections of companies, mentors and investors, startups can focus on running their business and expand their professional network. Merkspace also organizes numerous events like expert talks, panels, workshops, investor breakfasts and events with international speakers. They even provide their “Merkers” with services like Birò cars, bikes and breakfasts. As you can probably tell by now, founders will be fully provided.

Tailor made co-working space

The co-working space hosts startups in different stages and sectors, such as Fintech, Cyber, Argo- and Fashion Tech, Smart cities and VR/AR. These startups at Merkspace will also be strengthened by service providers and freelancers. As was stated by Spigel, Merkspace connects startups to the right people. The co-working space also develops “tailor made” programs based on the wishes of the concerned community. Therefore, Merkspace acknowledges the different needs of every community. So even though the concept of Merkspace already exists in Tel Aviv, it is not being copy-pasted. With that principle in mind, Merkspace has created a dedicated program for startups that want to enter Asian markets and another for the Merkers within the sports-tech industry by developing the first worldwide Sports-tech Innovation center. This center is also situated in Tel Aviv.

Complete service

Worldwide, almost 150 businesses have expanded their business within the community of Merkspaces, and I can definitely see why. Merkspace offers a complete service to startups that want to grow (internationally). On top of that Merkspace delivers a tailor made co-working space in a luxurious setting. Last year Merkspace raised 3,7 million dollars for their community and made over nine thousand connections. In the Netherlands, Merkspace expects to expand to Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht, further solidifying their brand.

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FYI: Silicon Canals hosts a summer event together with VEECEE at Merkspace, please apply here to join.

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