This legal insurance company challenges students to stay awake for 24 hours and solve big problems, too

This legal insurance company challenges students to stay awake for 24 hours and solve big problems, too

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If you’re a student, you probably had quite some experience in pulling all-nighters. Now, DAS, a company who specializes in legal expenses insurance, is asking students to do just that. During a 24 hour hackathon at their head office, student teams are challenged to solve big challenges together. The prize: a month’s rent for your student dorm (and solving world hunger, of course).

Big conflicts, big problems

As a legal expenses insurer, DAS assists individuals, companies, and governments with juridical conflicts on a daily basis. The first challenge that student teams can work on, is finding a way in which these conflicts might be prevented in the future. What solutions are there to help de-escalate conflicts before they become too big? And can developments in the sharing economy, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things bring solutions to these problems? Students have 24 hours to find out.

No more debt

The second challenge revolves around (accumulating) unnecessary debt. A lot of people struggle to pay their bills, especially those who have to pay off loans or (credit card) debts with high-interest rates. The less money you have, the more you’re eager to loan or buy on credit. But the more you loan, the more you pay up in the end. The challenge that DAS poses for students is to find solutions to make these so-called ‘unnecessary debt’ a thing of the past.


The 24-hour hackathon starts on Sunday the 23th of June at 2 PM at the head office of DAS and ends, you guess it, exactly 24 hours later. During the event the company will host several talks that are promised to inspire you and keep you awake. If you still have trouble keeping your eyes open, even after that sixpack of energy drinks, special DASFit sessions will help you stay awake. Interested? The event starts on June 23th at 2 PM and ends, you guessed it, 24 hours later on the 24th.

More information about signing up can be found here.

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