Take a Tour of the Startup Village with Aiir Innovations

Take a Tour of the Startup Village with Aiir Innovations

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The Startup Village at Amsterdam Science Park officially opened its doors last month, and Silicon Canals went over to take a look at the brand new tech startup hub. Aiir Innovations was one of the first companies to move into the village, and Aiir co-founders Bart Vredebregt and Cassandra Loor took us on a tour of Amsterdam’s brand new epicenter of science-based startups.

Up to their necks in NDA’s

Aiir Innovations started out early 2016, when a group of Artificial Intelligence students designed an image recognition algorithm that can detect damages in turbine blades. This way engineers do not manually have to check all the blades themselves, which saves them many hours of tedious work. Unfortunately we can’t show you much about what Aiir actually does, as they are in conversations with leading airlines like [can’t tell you] and [redacted], and with cutting edge aviation companies like [sorry, not a chance] and [censored]. The fact that they are up to “thaiir” necks in NDA’s may not make for a very visual depiction of what they do, but it does prove they created a solution that is very attractive for a lot of very big companies.

Colourful container community

Startup Village is an initiative of incubator ACE Venture Lab and Amsterdam Science Park. The village consists of container-based offices designed by Julius Taminiau Architects. The colourful container community is currently still expanding  as construction workers are putting together additional labs and community and event spaces. The Grand Opening won’t be until Spring 2017, but a lot of companies have now moved in. When the Startup Village is ready there should be about 25 startups working in the Village.

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