Tata Steel, Royal IHC and BAM partner with Delft startup Hardt Hyperloop

Tata Steel, Royal IHC and BAM partner with Delft startup Hardt Hyperloop

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Hardt Hyperloop, a Dutch startup making it possible to travel through a vacuum tube at speeds of more than 1,000 kilometers per hour has on-boarded new partners. The steel group Tata Steel, maritime equipment supplier Royal IHC and construction group BAM will now support Hardt to execute its European Hyperloop project.

Pooling the knowledge, expertise, and financial resources

The partnership will help Hardt in acquiring knowledge, expertise, and resources to implement the project. These partners belong to steel, construction, and infrastructure development industries and bring much-needed expertise for the European Hyperloop project.

Hardt was founded by a group of people from TU Delft who won Elon Musk’s Hyperloop competition in 2017.

“Together we will create a hyperloop that addresses the infrastructural challenges. It is a sign of confidence that the business community wishes to be so closely involved with this development. These companies recognise the commercial opportunities provided by the hyperloop,” said Tim Houter, CEO of Hardt Hyperloop.

Solving the urban congestion issue

Apart from the enthusiasm shown by Hardt Hyperloop to rope in partners as diverse as Tata Steel and BAM Group, the newly selected partners also showed interest in the innovative project. Since BAM has been involved in the project since the start, Maarten van Raaij, Director of BAM Infra Rail signaled how important the project is to solve urban congestion issues.

“This is genuinely a new and innovative way to travel. It solves the problem of our increasingly busier cities. That’s why we consider this so important at BAM Infra. We hope to see its development be fast-tracked as a result of this collaboration,” said Maarten.

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