These are the most noteworthy Dutch tech millionaires according to Quote 500

These are the most noteworthy Dutch tech millionaires according to Quote 500

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It’s one of my favorite media moments of the year: the arrival of the Quote 500. The Dutch rich list, which counts the heiress of the Heineken-family as the absolute number one (cheers Charlene!), also ranks the most noteworthy tech millionaires of the Netherlands.

No surprise, thanks to the massive IPO Adyen’s co-founders and investors are high up on the list. Here’s the definitive ranking of the rich and famous in the #NLtech scene in 2018 that I feel you should’ve heard of. If you want to read the Quote 500 2018 yourself, order it here.

026: Arnout Schuijff

Although not publicly listed as a director on Adyen’s website, his 6,4% equity stake in IPO-darling Adyen makes him a tech billionaire with a value of €1.1 billion, a 1406,8 % rise.

035: Jitse Groen

The founder can order all the pizza he wants, with a net worth of €925 million. His value rose +49,2 % this Quote 500.

039: Pieter van der Does

The face of Adyen, as its CEO, has €810 million to take care off.

040: Harold Goddijn and Corinne Vigreux

With the rumors of TomTom being acquired by perhaps Apple, we don’t have to worry about the future of the navigation-maker turned map-provider. The couple who co-founded the company 1991 holds €780 million, and are in the Quote 500 years in a row .

042: John Caspers

Co-founder Adyen and its predecessor Bibit. Owns €770 million.

048: Hans Wackwitz

A former investment banker who was an early investor in Adyen, banking him €730 million.

053: Joost Schuijff

Arnout’s older brother wasn’t part of the management of Adyen anymore, but still, a co-founder, earning him €680 million.

085: Pieter Zwart


We can’t wait until Coolblue floats. What place will “end boss” Pieter Zwart end up then? Now, he is already on the rise with a +54,9 % growth to €395 million.

091: Rudolf Booker

One of the five highest newcomers, thanks to the sale of a 75% stake of fintech company Payvision to the bank ING. He now owns €370 million.

131: Steven Schuurman

Another successful tech IPO, but this time around in the USA. The valuation of Elastic Search came in after the print of the rich list so let’s assume his €270 million is a very conservative. According to Quote his 18,9 % stake was worth $900 million last month. Another Dutch tech billionaire in the making for sure.

149: Mabel van Oranje-Nassau

What? Royalty on the rich list!? That’s cheating! Not really though because presumably, her late husband Prins Friso realized it with an early investment in – guess – Adyen. €240 million is decent pocket money, wouldn’t you agree?

175: Roelant Prins

Enough already with Adyen-millionaires! Roelant Prins, the CCO, banked €210 million. Best deal the commercial director struck in his life.

189: Jouk Pleiter

Backbase, a banking software provider, is maybe not the most well-known name in the Amsterdam tech scene, although Pleiter won the LOEY Awards in 2017. We understand why: with a whopping €200 million, Pleiter deserves the spot right from Queen Maxima.

216: Ingo Uytdehaage

Adyen’s CFO. €185 million.

428: Reinier Bouman

Back in the day when Web 1.0 was still just very much the web, Bouman bought Marktplaats and exited it to eBay for € 225 million. He owns around €95 million, at the same level for years already.

443: Derckjan Kruit / 445: Derek Roos

Derek (image) and Derckjan, can you believe it? They co-founded software-builder Mendix and by “accident” (they were approached for a partnership but received an offer to sell) sold it to Siemens for €600 million. Now, they’re both worth €90 million.

Thanks to Quote for the excellent job each year uncovering the rich in the Netherlands! Make sure to order the Quote 500, 2018 here.

Image above: Quote’s editors Sander Schimmelpenninck and Tom Wouda by Martijn Steiner Lovisa/Quote

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