This Slovenian startup has developed a watercraft that looks like a spaceship from Star Wars

This Slovenian startup has developed a watercraft that looks like a spaceship from Star Wars

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In the past decade, watercraft hasn’t evolved much! Lack of new radical ideas has been replaced with innovative constructions or materials. But the inception of “personal electric hydrofoil” has changed the entire outlook of the watercraft industry.

Shaping the future of the nautical industry

Slovenian startup Quadrofoil is shaping the future of the nautical industry with energy efficient and environmentally friendly vessels powered by electric motors and equipped with hydrofoils and a patented steering system, which can be used on all water surfaces of the world.

Raised € 3.0 Million after one-year long pitch process

After one-year-long investors pitch process, Quadrofoil secures €3.0 million Series A financing round led by Switzerland based investor AlpVent AG.  This new investment brings Quadrofoil total funding to €4.2 Million.

According to the press release, this funding will help the company to expand manufacturing capacity and approach more aggressively to the sales and marketing efforts as well as accelerate the development of new products.

Additionally, it will also help the Slovenian startup to re-focus on research and development of new technologies, platforms, products and solutions for autonomous water transportation system.

World’s first electric powered hydrofoiling watercraft!

Quadrofoil is a high-tech development company with a team of skilled engineers and nautical enthusiast who designed and manufactured the world’s first fully electric powered and completely environmentally friendly hydrofoiling watercraft.

Using the C foil technology, Quadrofoils’ underwater wings and the patented steering system enables the watercraft to lift above the surface at just 12 km/h.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The company aim to design and produce sustainable, green vessels -from personal watercraft for daily use to public and cargo transportation vessels. Quadrofoil vessels are also very energy efficient with the operating cost well below € 1 for a one-hour drive.

Electrically powered motors produce zero emissions, which means that this electric personal hydro foiling vessels can be driven on lakes, rivers, seas & eco-zones where most motor boats and PWCs with combustion engines are not allowed.

Video game-like steering

The cockpit is pretty simple with video game-like steering wheel featuring an integrated touch screen that provides key information such as range, speed, battery power and consumption.

Road ahead!

The company plans to seek Series B funding in the future, which it will use to build partnerships to establish international mass serial production, establish a new R&D centre, a sales and distribution network, and a renting and sharing system.

The current production capacities are full until July 2019. Quadrofoil has received more than 1,300 dealership requests from 127 countries and has re-started accepting pre-orders for the 2nd half of 2019.”

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