Meet MeetJune, an online travel community for unforgettable local experiences

Meet MeetJune, an online travel community for unforgettable local experiences

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MeetJune, a new online travel community, launched last week. The community opens its doors for people around the world to host, discover, and book unique travel experiences via meals, homestays, and activities. Whether it’s waking up on a houseboat in Amsterdam or a market stroll through Barcelona’s La Boqueria, Dutch startup MeetJune wants you to have “unforgettable travel experiences with real local flavor”.

Stay with a local

Gábor Margés and Ryan Dorn, two seasoned travel industry and online marketing professionals, are behind this Dutch startup. It was Margés’s transformative stay with a local in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil that sparked the idea for MeetJune, inspiring the company’s mission of opening doors around the world. “I personally know how extraordinary it is to experience a city through the eyes of a local,” Margés states.

Something special

MeetJune focuses on local people who have something special to offer and would like to share it with the rest of the world. ‘What we envision is a community of passionate local people that could take you out to show you the hidden gems of their so beloved city, prepare you their signature dish or create a home away from home.’

Clear overview

According to Margés there was an urgent need among travelers for a website with a clear overview of everything you could possibly need during a city trip. “When you visit a new city you want to eat well, sleep well, and experience something unique. You can do all of that through MeetJune. We connect travelers with local people for unforgettable travel experiences.”

Similar platforms

The concept behind MeetJune, however, hasn’t been entirely new. Eindhoven-based Withlocals has been operating with a similar platform, with the catch phrase: “enjoy the city like a local”. Party with a Local, an Amsterdam-based startup, wants you to – obviously – enjoy a few drinks with the locals. It seems that in travel, going local is the way to go these days.

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