Quicargo wants to save the environment and the transporting sector

Quicargo wants to save the environment and the transporting sector

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Israel-born entrepreneur Avishai Trabelsi managed his family company in road transport before he headed to Amsterdam to start Quicargo. This startup developed an online marketplace for the empty space in trucks. Quicargo just completed its test-phase and went live since this month. By 2019, the Amsterdam-based startup wants to prevent 70.000 trucks to ride empty, which saves 4.600.000 kilo of CO2 emission.

Ambitions for the environment

Quicargo hopes to reduce empty loading space in the Benelux by 3% in three year’s time. In the domestic transport, 30% of the loading space isn’t used, at an international level, that’s 25%. Quicargo believes it can prevent 70.000 empty truck riders in 2019, which equals 4.600.000 kg kilogram of CO2 emission. That’s more CO2 emission than that of 700 households. By preventing empty truck rides, Quicargo also has the potential to help against traffic jams. To be more precise: to prevent 500 kilometers of traffic jams.

Helping shippers and transporting companies

Shippers and transporting companies have to deal with very small margins and a rising shortage in drivers. Therefore, companies aren’t able to invest in IT. Quicargo wants to help them, by increasing their loading rate and improve margins. Shippers can save on their purchases, transporting companies can reduce their costs and planners reduce their search time. Every company on the Quicargo platform provides their routes and available capacity. The start-up processes that information for them and takes care of the mutual settlements, as they do for the carriers.

Online funding round

Last year, Quicargo raised 500.000 euro’s. One of the investors is the logistic service provider H&S Group. Quicargo found the professor Walther Ploos van Amstel from Amsterdams, former-TLN-director Peter Sierat and former-TNT-director Benelux and Germany Willem Prinsen as advisors. The company works for carriers as Jan de Rijk, Speedlines, Steenbergen, Koopman and Van Reenen. Quicargo just started an online funding round with Leapfunder; you can find more information via this link. 

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