RAI Amsterdam works with startup Mobypark to reduce the city’s traffic congestion

RAI Amsterdam works with startup Mobypark to reduce the city’s traffic congestion

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MobyPark and RAI Amsterdam close ranks to offer seamless car parking experience in the city of Amsterdam. The French-Dutch startup, an alumnus of accelerator program Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, is a new generation car parking service that complements the efforts of the city of Amsterdam in remaining a bastion of trade and commerce in Europe, and to reduce congestion.

Easy and seamless parking services

MobyPark works in partnership with businesses that rent out their private parking spaces. RAI Amsterdam, the city’s largest exhibition venue, has now collaborated with Mobypark to provide easy and seamless parking services for people in this commercial city, and according to them, this is done with ease of use, accessibility and overall sustainability in mind.

RAI parking system

The RAI parking system has now been integrated with the MobyPark online platform. The system utilizes the license plate number of the vehicle for the registration process.  Once the process is completed, drivers are to enter and leave the RAI Car Park based on this license plate number. The scheme costs around 12.50 Euros per day.

Reduce traffic congestion

According to reports, the company aims to reduce traffic congestion in the city center of Amsterdam. With the RAI Car Park located next to the A10, drivers can leave their cars at the Convention grounds and travel to the city center via arranged public transport. A  significant takeout from this partnership is the anticipated drop in traffic relating to people searching for available car parking spaces in the city center.

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