Women in tech: Meet Louise Doorn, the brain behind HelloMaaS

Women in tech: Meet Louise Doorn, the brain behind HelloMaaS

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It is quite common nowadays for technology to disrupt traditional sectors and even more so with the wide reach of mobile technologies.

Marketing is one such sector where the age-old method of broadcast based communication is no more efficient. This is where service-oriented mindset makes an entry with Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS), with personalization as a key to successful campaigns.

It’s no more just about targeting the right segment of consumers but also helping them find the next step. It’s smarter now, and this is where HelloMaaS aims to operate.

HelloMaaS in Amsterdam

Started in September 2017, HelloMaaS is a marketing startup founded by Louise Doorn who is based in New York but belongs to the Netherlands. Doorn plans to launch HelloMaaS in Amsterdam first, as it’s a close-knit market with 30,000 digital marketers. And also, she believes, the Dutch are open-minded, interested in innovation and curious about new ideas, and brutally honest.

HelloMaas offers a marketplace where companies find marketers, teams, tools, and tutorials. The company does it at a small commission of 15% on the hourly rate of freelancers.

In an exclusive conversation with Silicon Canals, Louise Doorn, CEO & Founder, HelloMaaS says, “We are moving from traditional organizations to the world of on-demand collaboration. I worked for over 15 years in marketing, sales, and business development and I’m excited to launch HelloMaaS, as it is an honest and transparent platform that connects vetted freelancers or software optimized teams directly with companies to help their businesses grow faster and with minimum expenditure.”

Doorn adds, “No more middleman that benefits from an opaque market. We offer direct access to vetted marketers so clients get to organize their marketing smarter and faster.”

How they work?

At the same time, with advanced technologies such as augmented intelligence and the blockchain, HelloMaaS has a USP in creating teams and help small-time freelancers to sell their tutorials. With the tutorials, brands can get proper guidance on their marketing strategies with a step-by-step approach. This can help in saving time and improve efficiency.

Doorn also notes during the conversation, “With hundreds of marketing tactics and over 5,000 marketing tools, it’s hard to understand where and how to play. It’s my goal to get each client matched to specialized marketers who fit your industry, understand your market, brand, culture, and language.”

What about competition?

On asking how is HelloMaaS different from other freelancing platforms like Upwork, Doorn says, “As an entrepreneur, I understand the value of good quality work. We differ from other freelancing platforms by our hands-on assistance for each new client, similar to the account management you would get from a marketing agency.”

She adds, “The biggest difference to agencies or staffing middlemen, however, is that we’ll tap into a network of hundreds of marketers with specific skills and industry experience. Our technology, and over time AI, will allow us to connect clients to the HelloMaaS’ collective wisdom intelligently and at scale.”

Doorn further adds, “Another critical difference is that we have tools to simplify the marketing planning process. These are things you don’t get at an agency or through staffing matchmakers. With lots of attention and focus on our first customers and freelancers, we are committed to building an active and supportive community.”

In less two weeks after platform launch, HelloMaaS already has more than 50 top tier marketer profiles in its database and is looking forward to a lot of hiring. There are 10 employees working as part of the core team, where 2 are from the Netherlands. The company believes that there will be a 50% increase in the number of freelancers by 2025 in the Netherlands and Doorn has all plans set to help them reach the right clients through HelloMaaS.

Meanwhile, take a look at this small video by the company to know more about HelloMaaS.

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