TradeCast TV appoints Remko Peters as CCO: 5 things to know about cloud TV startup

TradeCast TV appoints Remko Peters as CCO: 5 things to know about cloud TV startup

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As a television viewer, the existing broadcast infrastructure might seem fine to you. But the satellite broadcast system imposes a limit on the broadcasters’ ability to customize the content in different regions. To overcome this limitation, several companies have come forward to put the cloud infrastructure to use to deliver customized content. This move lets broadcasters expand on a global scale without investing in satellite or local hardware.

TradeCast TV is one such cloud television startup. In a recent development, the Zwolle-based company has appointed Remko Peters as its Chief Commercial Operator (CCO). He will hold responsibility for the commercial strategy of the startup.

Regarding the appointment of Remko Peters, Yillmaz Schoen, founder and CEO of TradeCast TV says, “Remko’s impressive track record, international experience and extensive network make him the right person to raise to the next level Trad Cast worldwide. We are very pleased to welcome him to our team.”

Remko Peters, CCO TradeCast TV says, “My goal is to work with the very ambitious team of TradeCast this unique brand to roll out worldwide. Anyone, anywhere in the world, is easy with this technology to start their own, completely independent TV station. Only in this way the revenue is fairly distributed among content creators. So get publishers, brands and companies back in control of content, value and user data. Simultaneously advertisers know exactly who is watching what, when, on what device and how long. Finally fully measurable TV accessible to everyone!”

At Silicon Canals, we take a look at the features of the cloud TV startup without any further ado.

#1 Let’s you view channels directly via browser

What’s interesting about the cloud TV platform TradeCast TV is that the channels can be viewed directly via the web browser as well as fully personalized mobile applications and Smart TV apps. This platform gives you the full control over your TV channel irrespective of where you are. For the not-so-tech-savvy users, the company provides traditional broadcasting on the TV by supplying a stream to the cable operators.

#2 Interactive content

The platform of TradeCast provides a wide range of interactivity to all the broadcasters. It offers a complete solution to start interactive TV channels on the internet. Right now, there is a lot of interest for the unique combination of on-demand content, live broadcasting opportunities and cloud-linear TV of TradeCast.

#3 On-demand linear live programming

TradeCast offers on-demand linear live programming, which is accessible 24/7 across devices worldwide. The startup delivers customized, interactive and worldwide TV content, which can be managed, programmed and operates using the internet. Ever since its advent, the startup has received €3.2 million investment. With this amount, the company aims to expand its presence worldwide.

#4 Customized mobile application

TradeCase provides the much-needed infrastructure and technology that paves way for viewers to become participants. The platform offers countless options that lets viewers take part in programming. With the help of the customized mobile application, viewers can submit their content or respond to the programs live. This offers new opportunities for broadcasters to develop creative and interactive content. Viewers can also start a live stream in a single tap using the mobile live streaming app.

#5 Real-time and comprehensive statistics

Similar to the existing video-on-demand platforms, TradeCast also makes optimal use of the user data, discover trend and predict them as well. The platform displays real-time and comprehensive statistics from every TV channel. This way, the platform is ideal for the advertisers too.

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