Volareo blockchain smart speaker up for pre-order, coming to Indiegogo by August 2018

Volareo blockchain smart speaker up for pre-order, coming to Indiegogo by August 2018

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Earlier this year, Dutch tech startup Volareo had introduced the world’s first ever blockchain smart speakers to resolve the problems related to the music streaming revenue model. The Rotterdam-based startup offered users to tip musicians just with a clap.

Well, now Volareo smart speaker is opened up for limited pre-order with the Musicoin blockchain. At the same time, Volareo’s spokesperson has also informed Silicon Canals that the speaker will be launched on Indiegogo in August at a discounted price. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that lets project creators post their ideas with a timeline and set a monetary goal. It has an inclusive community, which allows for many more possibilities for funding. It is also used to raise funds for causes.

Tip with a clap

The concept of Volareo was introduced at the SXSW (South by Southwest Music Festival) 2018 in Austin earlier this year. Ever since its launch, it has made its way to the tech headlines. Backed by Musicoin’s MUSIC, a new crytocurrency and music streaming platform, this startup aims to reward musicians in a never seen before way.

This speaker from Volareo lets you listen to free music for a lifetime without any compromise on the musicians’ end. If you like a track you can engage with the artist by just clapping your hands or pressing a button. Doing so, you can leave additional tips. Fear not as it is completely voluntary to leave a tip. Whether you offer tips or not, it is possible to build a relationship with the artists.

Each Volareo speaker is preloaded with 500 MUSIC to encourage the tipping process. Also, there is a double authorization system to let you verify the tips before sending them.

What is Musicoin?

The implementation of blockchain in the music streaming space brings transparency in the payments made to the musicians. You can reward artists by making direct and transparent micro-payments through smart contracts on Musicoin.

The MUSIC cryptocurrency platform issues one musicoin (one musicoin equals 10 cents) per play. Interestingly, this blockchain initiative has already roped in 2500 artists who are distributing their music on Musicoin even before its commercial launch.

Nick Yap, the founder of Volareo states, “This is more than just listening to and showcasing music—it’s about building community.” Bands and artists can choose to reward the tippers and followers with incentives such as pre-releases, t-shirts and more.

Supports voice commands

You can control Volareo’s blockchain smart speaker is controlled via a mobile app or voice commands. The app offers support for four languages – English, Dutch, Spanish and French. The startup will offer support for more languages in the future. The app lets you search for songs by title, artist or lyrics and Volareo has joined hands with LyricFind to make this possible.

Price and availability

The early pre-orders were opened at 1 PM CEST on July 11 and only 100 early-bird buyers had the chance to book the blockchain-enabled smart speaker for €89. Those who opt to purchase this first-of-its-kind speaker with MUSIC will get a special discount. Volareo will be shipped to buyers starting Q4 2018.

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