[EVENT] How to (not) successfully fail at organizing innovation, hosted by Deloitte

[EVENT] How to (not) successfully fail at organizing innovation, hosted by Deloitte

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Innovation may be the word companies have been using most frequently in recent years. And with good reason: the lifespan of corporates is declining rapidly, while new players are emerging faster than ever before. There is no reason to presume corporates will still be relevant in the future. But how do you ensure your organization is not successfully failing at organizing innovation?

How do you organize innovation?

Therefore innovation is the key to survival for companies. But how do you organize innovation? That question turns out to be a lot harder to answer. Just take a look at a recent research by Deloitte and MIT Sloan among over 3700 executives and managers. It shows that almost 90 percent thinks their business will be hit by digital disruption, but not even half of them is convinced their company is adequately prepared for that. Daily concerns narrow down the vision and there is uncertainty about which approach will get the best results.

How to not successfully fail at organizing innovation

Ten years ago Deloitte started out its own innovation-BV to disrupt its own business model. Many other corporates have also set up internal innovation departments in recent years, with varying levels of success. During the innovation journey event “How to not successfully fail at organizing innovation“, on Thursday, April 6th, Deloitte will invite innovation managers to talk about their experiences in corporate innovation. What is working well, and what isn’t and why? What can we learn from each other?

Innovation Managers will share valuable lessons

Five lessons have been identified, which will be shared with the attendees. Innovation managers from BAM, de Volksbank (previously SNS), Ahold Delhaize and VodafoneZiggo among others will share their experiences with those in attendance.
How to (not) successfully fail at organizing innovation? Thursday April 6th, Zoku, Weesperstraat 105, Amsterdam. 1pm – 5pm.

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