Editor’s Note: The future of Silicon Canals is looking bright, thanks to our new media partner

Editor’s Note: The future of Silicon Canals is looking bright, thanks to our new media partner

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The future of Silicon Canals is looking bright, thanks to our new media partnership with EIT Digital. Why that was not as easy as it seems, I will like to explain in an editorial note, right here.

When we started Silicon Canals almost four years ago, there was an abundance of tech startup publications in Europe. Back then we were still publishing in Dutch only. We looked up to our local competitor StartupJuncture (in English), InVentures (Central and Eastern Europe), VentureVillage (Germany), and Rude Baguette (France).

Across Europe, we saw the rise of Tech.eu, EU-Startups, Webrazzi, and Geektime, as great examples of how to do European tech startup media right.

Since 2014, a lot has happened. VentureVillage became Heureka, but quite recently closed its editorial efforts. InVentures seized to be active in 2015, although they might make a spectacular comeback. Rude Baguette is, after an extended quiet period, now in French only, limiting the international scope of the (thriving) French tech startup scene.

Geektime.com and Webrazzi did not actively publish since a year or more.

StartupJuncture, basically our local competitor but in reality, our close and trusted friend, threw the towel last month. Much to our disbelief.

Silicon Canals has always remained very active, and that fact alone makes us incredibly proud of what we have achieved. Our team has always felt that a vibrant media publication in English is a must for every local or regional startup ecosystem.

How else would international VCs know how to find local heroes? How else are scale-ups able to make a significant breakthrough in Europe?

We have an important announcement to make ourselves, for a change. You may have seen our post discussing our latest hire, senior editor Akansha Srivastava. This is all thanks to a media partnership we have signed with our previous partner, EIT Digital.

Together with EIT Digital, we will launch an online special on scaling-up in Europe and beyond. Why? We believe that scaleups in Europe have the future.  We want to inspire these scaleups to grow by sharing news, knowledge, and experiences.

Follow the articles in this channel: Scaling Up in Europe or via the hashtag #scalingupEU. If you like to know more about EIT Digital and how they help scale-ups thrive in the EU, go to their website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook. For more information, visit the official website of EIT Digital Accelerator.


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